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How can wechat delete 2019 in two directions? Wechat 7.0 two way delete friend method

how can wechat delete 2019 in two directions? Friends who don't know very well, I'd like to introduce wechat 7.0 two-way friend deletion method for you, and then read on.

Wechat 7.0 two way friend deletion method:

According to the wechat updated by Xiaobian at present, Xiaobian did not find the two-way deletion operations of "delete contact" and "delete, and delete yourself from each other's friends" mentioned on the Internet. In the options of deleting friends, only two options are available: delete contact and cancel!

So you may be disappointed. Of course, Xiaobian believes that in your expectation, this function will be officially launched soon. Wait patiently

How to set the wechat 7.0 two-way friend deletion function?

After wechat officially goes online with the "two-way delete friend function", users can see the options as shown in the figure above when deleting friends: "delete, delete yourself from friends" and "delete contacts". You just need to select 'delete and delete yourself from your friends' to realize this function!

The above is all the content of wechat 7.0's method of deleting friends in two ways. For more highlights, please pay attention to the websites around the world and grasp the latest news of wechat in the first time!