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How to deal with the fishbone stuck in the throat when eating fish

When eating fish, there are always careless times. It's very painful to be stuck by a fishbone. It's very painful to be unable to spit out and swallow. So what emergency measures can be taken to deal with when being stuck by a fishbone when it's too late to go to the hospital?

There are always some ways for the old people at home. When they are stuck by a fish bone, they take a big bite of green vegetables or rice balls to wrap the fish bone and swallow it into their stomach. But this is not right. Constant swallowing may cause the position of the fish bone to shift. In serious cases, even the fish bone will be stuck deeper and harder to remove. So don't use this method when you get stuck with a fishbone.

Don't drink soup or water with a big mouth after being stuck by a fishbone. Just rinse your mouth and go to the hospital for the doctor to deal with it. Do not buckle it with your fingers. It may not only cause vomiting and nausea, but also deepen the position of the fishbone. It is not easy for the fishbone to come out when handling. You can look in the mirror, turn on the flashlight and observe yourself. Also, don't use clamps or tweezers at will to avoid causing pain and discomfort.

After being stuck by the fishbone, the delay time should not be long. Some people think it is not very serious, so they ignore their throat and think that the fishbone will go down by themselves in a few days. In fact, it's wrong. It's very dangerous. It may cause inflammation of the throat and a series of complications after a long time.

Especially for children, their throat is very fragile. Don't use those soil methods casually. Not only can they not play a role, but if they are serious, their lives will be in danger. It is suggested to drink a small spoon of vinegar and go to the facial features Department of the hospital for treatment as soon as possible after being stuck by the fishbone. It is not a big problem. A professional doctor can take out the fishbone in about ten minutes, which is very convenient.