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2019 Valentine's Day Romantic advertisement blessing message Daquan Valentine's Day confession messa

Valentine's Day 2019 is coming. Are you going to send a romantic message to your dear girlfriend / boyfriend? For lovers in love, Valentine's Day is a grand and grand festival, so how can you express your love on Valentine's day?

1. The sword of love can wear stones.

2. As long as a person falls in love, he will love everything.

3. Love can make a great soul greater.

4. Love can make life burn and enrich.

5. Life is a flower, and love is its honey.

6. Love is the flame of life. Without it, everything becomes dark.

Love is a sweet pain.

8. Love is so magical.

9. Love and being loved are both happy.

10. I want to blow with you.

11. You are my only one.

12. I will love you all my life.

13. I still love you.

14. If the two love each other for a long time, are they in the morning and evening?

15. Good hope to accompany you to the old age, let you be the treasure in my hand.

16. Unswerving love.

17. Love for you is growing day by day.

18. I love you secretly!

19. I only care about you.

20. We are the only two in the world.

21. You are the only one in my heart.

22. Hope to have a romantic Valentine's day with you.

23. Happy Valentine's day.

24. I hope that people will live for a long time.

25. In fact, I've been behind you all the time, so I'm going to send you back.

26. I am ordinary, but I have only one.

27. I don't know what to say. I just miss you at this moment.

28. Because of you, I know how to grow, but you are still my injury.

29. Thank you. It's nice to have you with me when I'm most lonely.

30. I don't have many words, only one word to tell you: with you, you are everything! Without you, everything is you! Happy Valentine's Day!

31. Want to lie in your arms again, want to let you dry my tears again, want to let you hold me again, want to kiss your face again, want you to say love me!

32. I 2 you, love you 1 born 4, February 14, let's get together in love sea!

33. I hope to accompany you to the old age and let you be the treasure in my hand.

34. Maybe I don't have the passionate love like the sun or the long love like the running water. I just know that I love you constantly and can do everything for you & hellip; & hellip;

35. The spring wind is like a dream, the wind has no trace, just for the missing of the heart, send a thick blessing from afar. Your skin is a staff, my lips is the symbol of love; I want to compose a memorable song, so that you will always be happy.

36. Husband (wife): May our love always be as colorful as light tea, strong coffee, romantic red wine and warm vodka, making people aftertaste & hellip; & hellip;

37. I really hope to be with you again. I don't know how far we can go together, but I know the final result is that I love you till the end of my life, whether we are still together or not.

38. Handsome you, beautiful me, blue moon, silly smile, like your good, like your 'bad', secluded lake, clear lake, I decide to love you to the end!

39. Buddha said: five hundred times of looking back in the past life, only in exchange for this life passed by. If it is true, I would like to trade 10000 times for meeting you, and tell you: 'I want to love you well'

40. Falling in love with you is the greatest happiness of my life. Missing you is my sweetest pain. Being with you is my pride. Without you, I am like a ship lost in its course.

41. The sky changes, the earth changes, the sea changes, and people change. The world changes, changes, and changes. The only thing that lasts forever is my love for you, my love for you, and a heart that has long been intoxicated with you.

42. Outside the castle peak building outside the mountain, my brother is as strong as a cow. The spring wind makes my brother drunk and only treats dinosaurs as pretty girls. Happy Valentine's day, honey.

43. When I can't see you, I long to see you; when I see you, I'm afraid to leave; whether I can't see you or see you, I can't be happy.

44. You fill the blank days. I like it no matter it's peaceful or brilliant. I'm willing to accompany you on the journey of life, no matter it's rough or flat.

45. I like the feeling that your hand is in the palm of your hand. Want to love you to the old, hand in hand life. Forgive me for my willfulness and obstinacy. Love you.

46. Maybe it's wrong to love you, but I don't regret falling in love with you. I hope I can meet you again in my next life! Since I love you, I don't regret it. I'd like to accompany you forever and love you with my whole life!

47. Knowing each other is a kind of destiny. The intersection of hearts makes us have endless romantic feelings. Being together is a kind of commitment. In the reincarnation of the world, we will always remember this beautiful love story!

48. Well, to be honest, are you thinking about me secretly? Are you really thinking about me secretly? If you really want me, just tell me! I won't let you think about me. Everyone is reasonable. I miss you too!

49. On Valentine's day, I'd like to be a fish. You can stew it in brown, boil it in white, steam it, and lie in your gentle stomach.

50. Flowers float and water flows. A kind of Acacia, two idle sorrow. This situation has no plan to eliminate, only under the brow, but on the heart. Honey, what are you doing? Your baby miss you!

51. The stupidest person in the world is to love someone who doesn't know what to do. This person is me. I will always think of you and do anything for you. What do you think of the future?

52. Like to watch you sleep, because you won't have trouble at that time. I like the way you laugh at me, because you are the happiest at that time. I just want you to be happy.

53. Dare not love you too much, afraid to forget yourself. Don't love you too much, for fear of losing yourself. I dare not love you too much, I'm afraid I can't find myself.

54. Maybe I can't give you the best in the world, but I will give you the best in the world. I only have three words: I love you! Forever!

55. The most romantic story has no ending, the happiest love has no words, only the fit of each other's hearts. My love, everything is in silence!

56. There is a kind of tacit understanding called tacit understanding; there is a kind of feeling called wonderful; there is a kind of happiness called accompanied by you; there is a kind of missing called eager to see through. May every meteor in the sky shine for you;

57. Happy moments are half with you and half in dreams; painful moments are half separation and half thinking of you silently.

58. Before meeting you, the world is a wasteland. After meeting you, the world is a paradise. Many years in the past are like a wisp of smoke to me. The infinite life in the future is endless because of you.

59. The quiet night, a person secretly think of you, has become my most secret happiness. Several times when I have you in my dream, I'm greedy for not wanting to get up and indulge myself in your watery tenderness.

60. everlasting longing for each other: the wind and the cold, the cold wind, and the happy Valentine's day. It's hard to see, it's hard to think, it's a long night to sleep, to ask if there's any pity.

61. I envy the sun, he can see your bright smile, I envy the moon, she can watch you sleep peacefully, I envy myself, at least can miss you all the time.

62. Love your eyes the most, hide my deep affection your tenderness; love your lips the most, know my passion your infatuation; love your people the most, give you my life your life!

63. Valentine's Day reminds me of you. Park your heart in the harbor where colorful clouds rise, secretly carve happiness in your heart, and tie you and me tightly at the end of time changes with a thread of love.

64. Where are you? I asked the light wind, he shook his head; I asked the white cloud, he closed his eyes; the moon only showed a hint of guilt in the night. Where are you? I miss you so much.

65. I would like to turn into a rose, tightly held in your hand, to reveal fragrance for you; I want to turn into a chocolate, gently held in your mouth, let you feel fragrant and smooth. Happy Valentine's day, dear!

66. You once said that I love you, just like hedgehog loves rose, in order not to hurt each other, I chose to leave. Valentine's day, hedgehog in the distance for the rose blessing: early to find the little prince, happy every day.

67. Once full of scars for love, but we all walked hand in hand. Love is our last line of defense when fear and difficulty beckon. In this special day, I want to say to you: I will accompany you all my life.

68. True love is a kind of faith, only love makes me more powerful; true love is a kind of missing, only want to linger with the lover in the world; true love is a kind of lingering, only the one who loves can understand it. Dear, I love you.

69. I'm waiting for you. For the hug you owe me, I'm trying to be strong. For you, I'm waiting for you, saying to run with my hand. I've learned to cherish my hand, just for the moment when you hold it gently.

70. Honey, help me, my brain terminal is infected by Acacia virus, the emotion sector is formatted, and all files are renamed 'I love you'. Please take your love to detoxify me on February 14!

71. Honey, do you know that the outside world is wonderful, but I am most attached to your warm arms. When the outside world makes me tired, I always want to run to your side!

72. Once upon a time, I had a very thin face, and love made me shameless. You are the enchanted array that I can't walk past. Facing you, I can't stand a single blow. I took off my disguise and raised my hands to move from captives to slaves. !

73. See the magpie bridge in the sky. The world is round tonight. At the top of the forest on the moon, about dusk. Love bridge see, friendship two continuous. When we meet without words, we are all silent.

74. Lovers are not beautiful. What's beautiful is the feeling of spending time with you & hellip; hellip; I love you! Happy holidays!

75. Love you is not the purpose, the purpose is to love you! Love you is not the purpose, the purpose is to love you for life!

76. On this special Valentine's day, I will wear my vow on your fingers all my life. Even though my life is ordinary and light, I will always stay up for you. Happy Valentine's Day!

77. A flower, picked for a long time, withered and reluctant to lose; an umbrella, held for a long time, can't remember to put it away after the rain stops; a road, walked for a long time, can't walk to the end after dark; in a word, waited for a long time & hellip; & hellip; Happy Valentine's Day!

78. Treat every day as Valentine's day to love each other. I want to dream of your beautiful love every minute. I don't care about the pursuit and generosity of others. As long as you are brave and hand in hand with me, love doesn't need to be expressed specially. As long as the heart can feel it, it will be together!

79. The Spring Festival is accompanied by Valentine's day. It's as bright as the moon. Miss deeply several, blessing accumulation, heart has thousands of knot. Dance Ruixue, celebrate the festival, only envy Yuanyang not Xianxian, I hope the two love looks happy. Happy Valentine's day and Spring Festival!

80. Handsome you, beautiful me, blue moon, silly smile, like your good, like your 'bad', secluded lake, clear lake, I decide to love you to the end!

81. The fish said to the water: you can't see my tears, because I am in the water. Water said: I can feel your tears, because you are in my heart.

82. Sweet honey, the sweet honey of your smile, like a flower in the spring wind, in the spring wind. Why do you laugh so sweet? Because I sent you a short message. Happy Valentine's day, baby!

83. Although I can't spend this Valentine's day with you and can't give you the roses that should have belonged to you, I will use my love for you to water the red roses and wait for you to take them!!

84. If you are the sea, I would like to make a beach for you to kiss my face every day. If you are a waiting