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How to improve endocrine disorders? Methods of regulating endocrine disorders

Now many people have the symptoms of endocrine disorders. Although everyone is familiar with the word endocrine disorders, they do not have a deep understanding. Endocrine disorders are not a small problem. They will affect your whole body health. What is endocrine disorders? How should endocrine disorders be adjusted?

What does endocrine maladjustment mean?

There are many glands in the human body, which can secrete all kinds of hormones. Generally, the secretion of all hormones in healthy people is balanced. However, when a certain hormone in the human body is too much or too little, it will break the balance of hormones and lead to endocrine disorders.

Once the endocrine disorders occur, there will be obvious reactions inside and outside the body, such as long spots on the face, acne, menstrual disorders, etc. Endocrine loss represents the imbalance of hormones in the body, so regulating hormones can improve endocrine disorders.

How does endocrine maladjustment recuperate?

Most of the endocrine disorders are closely related to the diet and living habits of individuals, so to regulate endocrine should start from every aspect of daily life.

1、 Diet conditioning

If the person with endocrine disorder has the performance of obvious deficiency of Qi and blood, then it is advisable to eat such Qi and blood nourishing foods as tremella, black rice, red dates and red beans in diet, and cold food should be avoided as far as possible. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, light diet is appropriate.

Legume food is very beneficial for people with endocrine disorders, because legume food itself contains a lot of estrogen, which can balance the hormones in the body to a certain extent, especially soybeans. Eating properly can regulate the secretion of hormones.

2、 Sleep guarantee

Staying up late for a long time or high mental pressure is one of the important reasons for endocrine disorders in modern people. At least nine of ten people will stay up late. Staying up late for a long time leads to insufficient sleep. According to the survey, if an adult sleeps less than 4 hours a day, his metabolism will be seriously impaired, which will lead to serious endocrine disorders.

So in order to improve endocrine disorders, adults should sleep about 8-9 hours a day, enough sleep is conducive to the normal metabolism of the body.

3、 Keep moving

People who often sit for a long time but don't exercise, their metabolism and blood circulation are worse than those who exercise. If they don't exercise enough, their metabolism is poor, and then their resistance is also reduced, and their endocrine disorders will come to them.

If you want to improve the condition of endocrine disorders, it is recommended that you keep appropriate amount of aerobic exercise at ordinary times, at least three times a week, each time for more than 30 minutes. Don't underestimate the dozens of minutes of exercise, it can not only help you burn calories, but also greatly improve your metabolism, which is conducive to endocrine health.

4、 Mental health

The influence of mental health on endocrine can not be ignored. Under the high pressure, anxiety and tension for a long time, it stimulates the nerves greatly, which will stimulate the glands and lead to the insufficient or excessive secretion of some hormones. It is helpful to improve the situation of endocrine disorders to keep optimistic and happy conditions and a peaceful mind.

Most modern cities are suffering from endocrine disorders. If we insist on the above four items in our daily life, improving endocrine is not a big problem.