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Running bar, new member of official propaganda, Deng Chao, Lu Han, quit running bar, who are the new

Who is Huang XuXi, song Yuqi, the new runner? On February 11, Guan Xuan, the new lineup of running bar! Deng Chao, Chen he, Wang Zulan and Lu Han can't take part in the recording of running bar this season. The new season of running bar MC lineup is announced. Do you think you will support running bar without Deng Chao and Chen he?

Li Chen, angelababy, Zheng Kai, Zhu Yawen, Wang Yanlin, Huang xuxi'u Lucas and song Yuqi. ​ netizens are not very familiar with Huang XuXi and song Yuqi. Who are Huang XuXi and song Yuqi?

In fact, Huang XuXi and song Yuqi are both Chinese people who develop their personal business in South Korea.

Personal data of Huang XuXi

On January 25, 1999, Huang XuXi was born in Shatin District, Hong Kong. He is a mixed race child and his mother is Thai. He studied in Qiu Jinyuan Middle School of Donghua Sanyuan. In 2015, Huang XuXi participated in the global audition of s.m.entertainment and was selected by the staff on the spot, thus becoming a singer trainee under SM Entertainment.

Huang XuXi is a Chinese Thai mixed race. He has a younger brother in his family. He became an intern of SM in 15 years and met the audience as a member of NCTU in 18 years.

This year, Huang XuXi officially became a member of Wei Shen V (wayv) of NCT team. He and Qian Kun, Dong Sicheng, Huang guanheng, Xiao Dejun and Liu Yangyang officially started their careers in China.

Song Yuqi's personal data

Song Yuqi, a Chinese who developed in South Korea, is an artist under cube and a member of (g) i-dle group. His work is latata.

Song Yuqi, a Beijing sister in 1999, studied in Beijing 101 middle school, a key high school. She looks dull and cute, but she has a strong sense of delicacy. It's a subwoofer for a person with such a elvish face to open his mouth! Such a contrast may just hit the cute spot of the Korean audience. Got7 also imitated song Yuqi's dance part in the dance troupe in the variety show, and even the Elvish Prince Xiche called song Yuqi on the social network.

Song Yuqi is infatuated with kpop in South Korea since childhood. Her favorite combination is super junior. She has always loved the stage when she was a child learning street dance and Dai dance. She was the president of the school dance club when she was in high school and organized many large-scale dance activities in schools. Because of her love for dance, she goes to South Korea every year to take part in a talent show to learn Korean. In 2015, she was selected by cube company as her trainee. It was formed in August 2017 and officially launched on May 13 this year.

Although it's a pity that Deng Chao, Chen he, Wang Zulan and Lu Han quit the running brothers, the new members have injected new blood into the program. Let's look forward to their wonderful performance!