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How do you get the TikTok Mi note? How to collect mi

Tiktok mi tiktok how to gather? The notes of the notes of the notes of the notes are very difficult to obtain. It is hard to get the same notes with Alipay's dedication. Today we will look at the jitter note MI and get the strategy! Many netizens are going to Yang Mi's micro-blog to TikTok Mi note.

How to get the TikTok Mi note?

The fastest way to get 'Mi' notes is to use universal notes for exchange, because notes can't be transferred to others,

Only by inviting friends and face-to-face access to notes, there is a chance to get universal notes, so as long as you get universal notes, do not hesitate to exchange 'Mi' notes first.

Tip: in addition to getting notes in the app, this year, during the Spring Festival Gala of Hunan Xiaonian on January 29, Liaoning TV on February 3, and CCTV on the 30th of the lunar new year, participating in the activities in the station will have the opportunity to get universal notes and rare notes.