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How much money can you get for "snatching red envelopes" in Spring Festival? The strategy of "snatch

The annual Spring Festival red packet war also kicked off. Among them, Tencent, Baidu, Alipay, cloud flash payment and so on one after another. We need to remind you that you must download and register their apps in advance, and do not drop the chain at the critical moment. Many netizens want to know first how much money they can get for the Spring Festival? Spring Festival 'red envelopes' strategy to understand.

500 million cash will be sent to launch the video red envelope

Yesterday, Tencent announced that it would launch an innovative way to play video red envelopes during the Spring Festival, and launched the online video red envelopes spring festival activity. In combination with more than 60 well-known enterprises such as Huawei glory and Lenovo, as well as institutions such as Dunhuang Research Institute and the Summer Palace Management Office, Tencent sent out 500 million cash red envelopes, adding to the flavor of the Spring Festival.

According to micro vision, the "red envelope rain" of spring festival activities will come on February 3 (December 29), February 4 (New Year's Eve) and February 5 (first day of the first month), 19:00-20:00 and 21:00-22:00 every day. At the same time, from February 2 to February 19, 10 'ten thousand yuan Koi' will be generated in the micro video red bag every day, and each of them will get a big red bag of ten thousand yuan. Koi will also have the opportunity to board the micro video flash screen.

The way to get the red packet is very simple. During the Spring Festival, when users watch the video on Tencent's micro vision, they will randomly display a red packet video with a prompt sign. Click to get the red packet. In addition to "red envelope rain" and "ten thousand yuan Koi", from January 31 to February 19, there is also a chance to receive the random "egg red envelope" by brushing the short video of micro vision.

Holding hands with relatives and friends in the Spring Festival Gala

This year, Baidu's Spring Festival red envelope activity lasts for 8 days, of which the two theme activities of "set good luck" and "reunion red envelope" will be held from yesterday's new year's Eve until February 4.

The activity of "gathering good luck" is mainly completed by drawing cards. During the activity, all 10 good luck cards will be collected to obtain the qualification of dividing bonus. The total bonus pool is 100 million yuan. During the reunion red envelope activity, users can receive the red envelope every day, and the participation of relatives and friends can also divide up different grades of red envelope bonus pools on New Year's Eve. The larger the number of groups is, the larger the bonus pool amount is, and the maximum amount of 100 people participating in the bonus pool can reach 10 million yuan.

The climax of red envelopes is the Spring Festival Gala on the eve of the lunar new year. Four rounds of red envelopes were issued that night. Users can open Baidu app and receive red envelopes according to the interactive password of the host of the Spring Festival Gala. It is reported that there are three ways to receive this time: shake the red envelope, small video red envelope and search for the red envelope.

Gather five blessings to grab 500 million yuan of red envelopes on New Year's Eve

Data show that 100 million users have been involved in Alipay's five welfare activities for three years in a row. Alipay has become the habit and ceremony of more and more people. What's the new way to play this year's collection of five blessings?

According to the briefing, Alipay will retain this year's familiar'AR sweep, forest watering and manor feeding chicken, the main way to play fukal. This year, new way of answering fukas will be added. The topic will be safety education.

On New Year's Eve, users of Jiqi Wufu will spend a total of 500 million yuan in cash and red envelopes, the same amount as last year. On this basis, users will also have the opportunity to follow ant forest to see trees, watch football games in Europe, help Huabei and other lucky eggs.

Receive red envelopes three times a day and get a maximum of 2019 yuan

Cloud flash pay app Spring Festival red packets also come to the public 'worship the early years'. From January 5 to February 4, in a period of up to one month, users can use the cloud flash app to scan the cloud flash app or UnionPay logo, and get the maximum 2019 yuan Spring Festival red packet. Each user can get three times a day, and the amount of red packet can be accumulated.

New and old users only need to download the cloud flash app in the app store to complete the real name registration or upgrade the cloud flash app to the latest version. They can scan the cloud flash app and UnionPay logo nearby to get the red envelope by entering the red envelope activity area through the cloud flash app startup advertisement or banner map on the homepage.

In addition, Sina Weibo launched the "let Hongbao fly" activity upgrade version of "Koi Hongbao". The playing method is slightly different from the traditional way of robbing Hongbao. Only by forwarding + following bloggers can we participate in the lottery.