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Why do you eat Tangyuan on the Lantern Festival? An inventory of traditional food around the Lantern

On the 15th day of the first month, what do you eat in the Lantern Festival? Naturally, the Lantern Festival is to eat tangyuan. Tangyuan means to be round and round, which embodies people's yearning for a better life. So why do you eat Tangyuan on the Lantern Festival.

1, glutinous rice balls

On the Lantern Festival, southerners eat Tangyuan, mainly praying for family reunion. The glutinous rice used to make Tangyuan is smooth, sweet, nourishing deficiency and regulating blood, invigorating the spleen, appetizing the stomach, replenishing qi and stopping diarrhea. It has the functions of warming, promoting body fluid and moistening dryness. Moreover, all kinds of dumplings are mainly filled with fruit materials and dried fruits, including sesame, walnut, peanut, plus vegetable oil, the nutritional value will be 'higher'. Boiled Tangyuan is the simplest way, but also the healthiest way to eat.

2, Lantern Festival

On the Lantern Festival, people in the North want to eat it. When it comes to yuanxiao, many people think that Tangyuan is yuanxiao. In fact, although Yuanxiao and Tangyuan have little difference in raw materials and appearance, they are actually two kinds of things. The essential difference lies in the manufacturing process. It is relatively simple to make tangyuan. Generally, the glutinous rice flour is mixed with water to form a skin, and then the stuffing is wrapped. The production of the Lantern Festival is much more complicated: first of all, you need to reconcile the noodles, cut the solidified stuffing into small pieces, and then throw it into a basket filled with glutinous rice noodles to roll, while rolling and watering, until the stuffing is covered with glutinous rice noodles to roll into a ball before the success.

3. Camellia oleifera

On the night of the Lantern Festival, people eat dumplings one day and Yuanxiao one day. In the mountain area, they eat 15 dozen oil tea and 16 pinch flat food. It is the so-called "ten li different customs". To make tea is to stir the tea pot with chopsticks to make oil tea, which is also called face tea.

4, sticky cake

cake made of glutinous rice flour

Sticky cake is also called rice cake. In addition to the Lantern Festival, noodles, there are also sticky cakes. Sun Simiao, a famous doctor of the Tang Dynasty, wrote "a prescription for preparing a thousand gold coins for emergency" & middot; food treatment "which contained" Qi "from Liangmi, which was sweet, slightly cold, nontoxic, antipyretic and beneficial to Qi. 'after the Tang Dynasty, there were also records of Yuanxiao diet cakes in the Yuan Dynasty.

5, face lamp

Speaking of the custom of the Lantern Festival, people usually think of eating Tangyuan, appreciating flower lanterns and guessing riddles. However, there is another custom that has been handed down since the Han Dynasty, that is, the bean noodle lantern at 15 o'clock on the first month. The Lantern Festival light is auspicious light, which can drive away evil spirits and diseases. Therefore, on the 15th day of the first month, holding the bean noodle light is the common people's wish for the happiness and prosperity of the family in the new year.

6. Bean dough

Kunming people like to eat bean dough, which is similar to Lantern Festival. They fry the beans and grind the dough, then boil the dough into balls with water. The taste is good.

7, thick soup

Taizhou area every year on the fourteenth day of the first month after watching lanterns to eat soup. Stir fry the soup with shredded meat, shredded winter bamboo shoots, mushrooms, agaric, fresh dragonflies, dried beans, oil bubbles, Sichuan bean board, spinach, etc., add a little rice flour, and cook it into a salty paste food. On the 15th day of the first month, the soups are sweet. They are made of sweet potato powder or lotus root powder with lotus seeds, dates, osmanthus, etc.

8. Steamed bread, wheat cake

There is a custom of eating steamed bread and wheat cakes on the Lantern Festival in Pujiang area of Zhejiang Province. It is said that the reason is that the steamed bread is for dough, the wheat cake is round, and the meaning of "hair, children, grandchildren and reunion" is taken. Shangyuan families in Changde, Hunan Province treat guests with peppers as soup and leeks as fruits, which are called "Shitang".

9, noodles

There is a folk saying in Jiangbei district that "put on the Lantern Festival, put on the noodles and look forward to the next year after eating". The local people want to eat noodles on the 15th night of the first month, which sounds irrelevant to the Lantern Festival, but it also means praying for good luck. According to the records of Yihui's age, when the lights fall on the 18th day (the first month), people eat noodles, which is commonly called "putting on the lights, putting on the lights, and falling on the lights". Each family celebrates its own. 'eating noodles when the lights are down means continuous happiness.

10. Lantern tea

In Shaanxi and other places, there is a custom of eating Yuanxiao tea, which is to put all kinds of vegetables and fruits in hot soup noodles, much like the ancient "Yuanxiao porridge". This tea increases the intake of cellulose, minerals and vitamins, and is not as greasy as the ordinary Lantern Festival. It has a neutralizing effect on the acidic constitution caused by the excessive consumption of animal food during the festival, and also makes the nutrition of Lantern Festival more comprehensive.

11, lettuce

Cantonese people like to steal lettuce and cook with cakes when they celebrate the Lantern Festival. It is said that this kind of food represents auspiciousness. Cantonese people have a peaceful and realistic personality, and they are also the most considerate to festivals. They are usually used for lettuce in new store opening and other festivals, and they are also necessary for Lantern Festival. Lettuce, which often becomes a common vegetable on the table in the south, has the same name as "making money", so it is also regarded as a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness.

12, oil hammer

During the southern and Northern Dynasties, rice porridge or bean porridge were poured with gravy for the festival food. But this food is mainly used for sacrifice, not to mention festival food. To the Tang Dynasty, Zheng Wangzhi's "record of catering husband" just recorded: 'Bianzhong diet, Shangyuan oil hammer. 'the making method of the oil hammer is similar to the fried Lantern Festival of future generations, according to the record of Shangshi order in Lu's miscellaneous theories quoted in Taipingguangji. There are also people who call it "the Pearl of oil painting".

13, jujube cake

People in western Henan like to eat jujube cake for Lantern Festival, which means good luck. Jujube cake was originally used by the imperial court of Qing Dynasty. It is fragrant and sweet at the entrance. It contains vitamin C, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin and other nutrients. It can not only nourish the spleen and stomach, replenish qi and promote body fluid, but also protect the liver, increase muscle strength, nourish the face and prevent aging.

14, dumplings

When the 15th day of the first month comes, people in the north have the habit of eating dumplings. People in Henan have the custom and tradition of the Lantern Festival of "15 flat, 16 yuan". Therefore, they should eat dumplings on the 15th day of the first month. Dumpling is a kind of folk food with a long history, which is very popular among the people. There is a folk saying that "delicious dumplings are not good enough".