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Can 2019 zhanfu card copy Huahua card? Flower card with luck introduction

This year, Alipay has more than five flowers and flowers cards. With flower cards, it can participate in the flower lottery. It may get the highest 48888 Yuan Flower welfare. But the flower card is difficult to assemble. It makes people feel very worried. Fortunately, the lucky card is lucky enough to be copied from friends. So, can 2019 zhanfu card reproduce Huahua card? Here are the strategies of zhanfu Zhanhua card brought by Xiaobian. Come and have a look.

Can the 2019 zhanfu card duplicate the flower card

In 2019, zhanfuqi card can copy Huahua card, and even Gongye card can also be copied. However, when copying, it should be selected randomly with the back facing up.

Flower card with luck introduction

According to the above instructions, you need to dip a friend's fortune card, which is random, but it can't be guaranteed that it's what you want in your heart. However, if a friend only has a dedicated fortune in his hand, the chance to get it is very high, and it's effective for a small editor's family test! So if all the cards of a friend are collected, don't busy synthesizing them first, and put all his fortune cards in your payment temporarily Baoli, (only one left) and so on use dip card copy success, then one return, the best of both worlds, why not do it!

Of course, it's the same way to dip into a flower card, but this special lucky card may not succeed once, you can do the same

Your friend's Huahua card is separated from the other two except Jingye Fu cards, and then you keep two cards in your hand, either Jingye or Huahua. As long as you use the Zhanyi card, the success rate will reach 90%. From the beginning to the end, there will be 11 days of opportunity. Are you afraid that it will not be able to be achieved?

Flower card

How to obtain zhanfuka in 2019

Fuzi of Ma Yun

1, Alipay swept the AR mode, sweeping the above "blessing" 100 percent to get one, one day;

2. The first day to shop payment in Alipay payment can be obtained.

3. Friends present to you;

4. Common fuka way, but the probability is not high.

2019 what's the use of Alipay flower card?

When you get the flower card, you may not win the prize, but also need to participate in the lottery. The opening time of Huahua card was 21:20 at 21:20 in February 4th. The maximum amount of bonus for Huahua card is 48888 yuan, which doesn't mean that you can have 48888 yuan if you win the prize. The winning amount is closely related to your spending quota, and does not include temporary quota. That is to say, before February 4, the actual amount of your spending * 12 must be & Ge; 48888 yuan before you can take the 48888 yuan prize. Simply calculate, 48888 / 12 = 4074 yuan, you must have at least 4074 yuan of spending quota at present. The details are as follows:

1. If the user's spending quota * 12 is greater than or equal to 48888 yuan, the user can obtain 48888 yuan of spending repayment red packet;

2. If the user's Huabei quota * 12 is greater than 2019 yuan and less than 48888 yuan, he / she can obtain the Huabei repayment red packet according to the Huabei quota * 12;

3. If the user's spending quota * 12 is less than or equal to 2019 yuan, he / she can obtain 2019 yuan spending repayment red packet;

4. Before 12:00 on February 4, 2019 (including 12:00), users can not use Huabei or not open Huabei, and can get 2019 yuan cash bonus.

You can get a collection of Hua Hua, Ka and Fu characters by scanning Fu characters

Conclusion: the above is a small compilation of "2019 zhanfu card can be copied Huahua card, zhanfu Zhanhua card strategy", hoping to help you.