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How many sets can Alipay five fortune set? Can Alipay's five blends be synthesized only once?

Alipay has been collecting five fortune for many days. Have you got together? Today we are discussing the question of how many sets of 2019 can be set up? 2019. Alipay can only be synthesized once five times? According to many years of experience, 2019 Alipay can be synthesized only once.

2019 can five FU set several sets of 2019 Alipay set five Fu can only be synthesized once?

2019, five blessing can set many sets, but 2019 Alipay set five Fu can only be synthesized once, so you set up what many sets of useless, if you can, give your unnecessary luck to friends.

This year, Alipay set a five prizes bonus of 500 million yuan. The opening time is at 22:18 pm on February 4th.

Note: on the back of each card, there is a five FU scratch card. If you scratch it, you will get a chance to win a prize.

2019 Alipay adds lucky card - Huahua card and lucky card.

2019 Alipay flower card introduction

Flower card

Huahua card is mainly a new card for Alipay's collection of five lucky activities, which won't affect the collection, synthesis and prizes of the five talents. Those who have flower cards have the opportunity to extract the prize of "all the year round to help you to spend flowers", with a maximum of 48888 yuan, a total of 2019.

Flower card rules

If you are lucky enough to be one of the 2019 people who won the prize in Huahua card, then multiplying your quota of Huabei by 12 will be your quota of Huahua card. If your quota of Huahua card is greater than or equal to 48888 yuan, you will be given a quota of 48888 yuan. If it is more than 2019 yuan but less than 48888 yuan, you will be paid back according to the actual amount. If it is less than 2019 yuan, you will get 2019 yuan payment red packet. If the user does not open flower, he will directly give 2019 yuan of cash red packet. Huabei repayment red packet will be divided into 12 card packets, which can be directly used for repayment. So after winning the prize, there are only four situations and three amounts.

How to obtain flower card

Flower card can be given as a gift

Huahua card and Jifu card are obtained through the same channels, which are random. As long as you can actively participate in the activities of Jiwu Fu, you will have the chance to obtain them. And like fuka, huahuaka can also be given to each other.

1. Scan once, click ar mode, scan Fuzi, you can get fuka at random.

2. If you water the ant forest, you can get a lucky card at random.

3. Answer planet, open on January 28, win the answer, and you can get a lucky card at random.

4. In ant manor, chickens are fed with candied haws, which will be opened on January 31. You can get lucky cards at random.

5, Alipay Diamond members can get exclusive card, which contains 3 scarce fuka: Huahua card, Fu Ka, and dedication.

6. Let relatives and friends give it to you.

7. Use dip cards to copy other people's flower cards.

2019 Alipay's lucky card

Lucky card

Zhanfu card is a kind of copying function. When you have this card, you can copy the cards in other people's fuka bags. Of course, what cards you get from a pile of cards is unknown, and there is a certain probability of failure.

How to get tenfuka

1, Alipay swept the AR mode, sweeping the above "blessing" 100 percent to get one, one day;

2. The first day to shop payment in Alipay payment can be obtained.

3. Friends present to you;

4. Common fuka way, but the probability is not high.