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How to deal with the formalities after the house purchase loan comes down? List of commercial housin

how to handle the formalities after the purchase loan comes down? What is the process of commercial housing loan? Let's have a look at the loan process of commercial housing.

i. commercial housing loan process is as follows:

1. The borrower shall fill in the loan application approval form and submit relevant materials to the loan bank (the original and copies of the first payment certificate, sales contract, ID card, economic income source certificate, etc.);

2. The developer, as the guarantor of the loan, signs and seals on the "guarantor's opinion" column of the loan application approval form;

3. The loan officer of the loan bank shall examine and approve all the materials and documents submitted by the loan applicant level by level;

4. The loan bank shall take back the materials that have gone through the formalities and issue the loan in accordance with the loan contract in force according to law.

5. The property right registration and notarization department of the land and Resources Bureau shall go through the registration formalities for the mortgage of the property right of the real estate;

6. Notify the developer to take back the loan contract and the developer shall issue the house payment certificate to the lender;

7. Notify the borrower to take back the loan contract, loan receipt and insurance policy;

8. The borrower shall repay and pay the interest on schedule. After the principal and interest of the loan are settled, the mortgage registration shall be cancelled and the contract shall be terminated.

2、 The procedures to be handled after the approval of the house loan are as follows:

After the loan has been approved, the developer will notify to get the house purchase contract that has been registered in the real estate management department, because if the bank does not grant the loan, the developer will not get the signed house purchase contract to the real estate management department for registration. Banks usually send the completed loan contracts and repayments to the developers with bank cards in batches, so they can get the loan contracts and bank cards at the same time of receiving the purchase contract. All in all, once the loan is approved, you can get:

1. The developer completes the registered purchase contract.

2. The purchase contract between the bank and the applicant and the corresponding notarial certificate.

3. The bank card used for repayment (the bank will deduct the mortgage money from that bank card regularly every month).

4. Some banks will also issue a "loan issuance notice", "repayment schedule" and so on.

If you haven't been informed to pick up these things for a long time, it's best to contact the account manager who made the loan at that time.