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What are the effects of viper gall? Several functions of viper gall

snake gall is the gall bladder storing bile sweat in snake. All snake gall can be used as medicine, especially the gall of the Golden Snake, the silver snake, the cobra, the king cobra, the five legged snake and the Agkistrodon halys, which are valuable raw materials for medicine. What are the effects of viper gall? Learn about the functions of viper gall.

Method / step:

It has the functions of dispelling wind, removing dampness, clearing eyes, detoxifying and eliminating heat;

It can adjust and nourish the nervous system, endocrine system and immune system, delay the aging of the body; the snake gall is cool and tastes bitter and sweet, and has the effects of promoting qi and eliminating phlegm, searching wind and removing dampness, and clearing eyes and benefiting liver.

It has good effect on cough, redness, neurasthenia, high fever, dizziness, convulsion and so on. According to clinical reports, snake bile has a good effect in the treatment of various corneal ulcers, superficial punctate keratitis, superficial diffuse keratitis, corneal spots and other diseases without side effects.

It has good therapeutic effect on neurasthenia, high fever and dizziness and convulsion in children. It can mediate the endocrine system and immune system of the human body and delay the aging of the body.

The cause of snake gall poisoning and even fatal: many people mistakenly believe that swallowing the snake gall together with white wine can play a bactericidal role, but without puncturing the snake gall, white wine can't do anything to the bacteria contained in the bile, on the contrary, it can only promote the absorption of the gastrointestinal tract to the bile and aggravate the toxic and side effects. On the other hand, bile contains a lot of toxic substances which are exported from the liver. There is a serious tendency of hepatotoxicity, and there may also be some drug components which cause the immune mechanism. At the same time of swallowing snake gall, these toxic substances will be swallowed into the body at the same time, which will increase the detoxification pressure of liver, kidney and gallbladder, and easily damage the function of organs in the body, and induce liver and kidney failure.