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The rich list of the post-90s starting from scratch! The youngest "95 years" was selected into the t

The wave behind the Yangtze River pushes the wave ahead, and each generation is stronger than the other. That is to say, before the post-80s master the era, the children of the post-90s have taken the lead. So the rich list of the post-90s starting from scratch! The youngest '95 year' was listed in the top ten richest people's lists of China.

Is it the reason why you are not successful when you are young? In my impression, most of the successful people are middle-aged people with rich social experience. After years of polishing, they have achieved dazzling results. So many newly graduated college students say that when we reach their age, we will certainly be better than them, but one of the necessary conditions for success is age. Who says this law? Who rules Can't we succeed at a young age?

Go to pick up last year's top ten rich list, you will find that Yao Shangkun, who was born in 1995, ranks the fourth in the top ten rich list of China's post-90s with 350 million wealth in 2016. What's the concept of having 350 million assets at a young age? That is to say, Wang Jianlin's small goal of "making one billion for him first" is feasible.

Not having a strong family background is not your excuse! Many young people have the idea that China has always been a connected society. If you don't have a strong family background, what do you want to fight for? Compared with those rich second generation people, you will have to fight for many years if they wave their hands and eat a meal. But is this your mediocre reason?

On December 15, 2016, Yao Shangkun, who is the fourth richest person in the post-90s list of China with a wealth of 350 million, is now engaged in real estate investment and management. The project covers many large and medium-sized cities in the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and there is no strong family background to support it. In 1995, Yao Shangkun was born in a poor family in Hunan.

No matter how hard it is, just stick to it! The children of poor families are in charge. In 2008, Yao Shangkun, who was only 13 years old, went abroad to do business. In 2010, he started his business in Shanghai by relying on IT industry. In 2015, he spent 300 million yuan as the National Guard to spread throughout China's financial circle.

In just a few years, the 16-year-old boy was out of debt with 200000 yuan and was helpless. Considering the 16-year-old who we didn't know how to play in school, the 16-year-old was very difficult. However, he still insisted that there was a chance of Nirvana rebirth. Look at Yao Shangkun. Do you have any reason to continue to be lazy and not make efforts? You can't be a rich second generation, or a rich first generation?