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What are the American dramas with high score of Douban? Recommended classic American dramas

In 2019, many American dramas began to update, and many came to an end. Do you have the American dramas you have been chasing? Xiaobian has been watching "the big bang of life" this year, and this drama is coming to an end. The following American dramas are the most popular ones among netizens. They are all high scores on Douban. You may as well have a look at the ones you like, which will not let you down.

10. Talent Season 2

Talent is the universe after the movie "X-Men: reversing the future". The living environment of mutants has become extremely difficult. Human beings not only set up strict mutants law, but also use "sentinel special service" to deal with mutants. Therefore, the situation of mutants has become very difficult.

9. Season 12 of life

CBS's "big life" has been running for 11 years, and finally the twelfth season is coming to an end. Sheldon, who has been with you for many years, will come to an end. Friends who like Sheldon should not miss it.

8. Young Sheldon Season 2

"Young Sheldon" is a derivative of "big life". It takes Sheldon as the protagonist at the age of 9 and tells the story of Sheldon's youth.

7. Ms. Secretary of state season 5

Elizabeth McCord, a shrewd, determined and intelligent secretary of state, will find a balance between international foreign affairs, office politics and a variety of evasive procedures. She also faces a lot of personal troubles - both from the White House and at home - while solving national affairs.

6. Psychology of crime Season 14

It has been 14 years since criminal psychology was broadcast in 2005. The 14th season will be broadcast on October 3, 2018. It is also the 300th episode of criminal psychology.

5. Victoria Season 3

Jenna Coleman will star in ITV's historical drama Victoria, which tells the story of Queen Victoria's life from the age of 18 to her marriage to Prince Albert.

4. Gotham season 5

Gotham, a drama derived from the DC Universe, is finally coming to an end. It is said that Gotham is simple and unsophisticated. As soon as the fifth season comes out, thabi will get the Bento, and all the famous villains will come on the stage, occupying the land as the king. Friends who like DC must not miss it.

3. Drug lord: Mexico Season 2

From the first season to the third season, the TV series "drug lord" has a very high rating. Now the second season of "drug lord: Mexico" is going to be broadcast soon. Don't miss what you like.

2. Game of Thrones Season 8

Game of Thrones ends in season 8, with only six episodes in season 8, one and a half hours each. It has to be said that the TV play "game of rights" is really too classic. Don't miss your favorite friends.

1. The great lady mather Season 3

In the 1950s, the 25-year-old new Yorker, Mickey & middot; Mather, was a smart, sunny, energetic and lovely Jewish woman who once made the following decisions about her life: going to college, getting married, having two or three children, and then offering sin Day dinner in an elegant Manhattan apartment. But one day her husband suddenly left her, without warning, she needed to figure out her new way as soon as possible; for others, it was an amazing choice to turn housewife into a stand-alone show, but not for Mickey.