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Where is the video retained by wechat? How to save wechat video

We often see all kinds of small videos in wechat group. Where are the videos retained by wechat? How to save wechat video? Let's take a look.

1、 Save video

1. Open wechat, find the video we want to save, click play

2. Press and hold the phone screen 1-2s to open the save video menu

3. Click Save video to display the saved path

2、 Album find saved video

1. The first method: click album to find wechat, as shown in the figure below

2. After entering, we can see the video just saved

3、 File management find saved video

1. Find file management and click enter

2. Find the category, video, click to enter

3. You can see the video you just saved

4、 File management find video file location

Open file management, click local (some are storage or memory card)

Find the internal storage (my mobile phone is stored in the internal storage by default, if it is stored in the SD card, just click the SD card)

Find the Tencent file and click to enter

Locate the miromsg folder and click to enter

Find the Wenxin folder, click enter, and then you will see the saved video