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How to deal with a lot of blackheads caused by blocked pores? How to dredge pores effectively

Acne, pockmarks and blackheads should be the problems that bother many people, which are caused by pore blockage, so to solve them, they must dredge the pores. How to clean the pores is the most effective? Today, Xiaobian recommends a pore cleaning product to you, and teaches you three ways to clean and dredge the pores, so as to keep acne away from you.

What skincare product does pore block long pox use?

Membrane mung bean paste mask

Reference price: 139 yuan


The main components of mung bean can effectively absorb the excess oil on the face and restore the oil balance. It can effectively absorb the blockage in the pores and prevent and analyze acne. Use twice a week can effectively clean pores and restore clean and transparent face.

How does pore block long pox do?

1, do more cleansing mask to dredge pores.

Summer is the season of exuberant secretion of sebaceous gland oil depot. Cleaning and dressing is to cover the water and nutrition with the help of 'Wu'. Soften the semi-solid sebum of pore mouth, and the goal is to dredge the oil tube of sebaceous metabolism and keep the pores clean.

2. Correct use of fruit acid products

Choose the products containing fruit acid to dissolve the excessive horniness of pore mouth and pore wall. Fruit acid has a certain degree of irritation, so people with sensitive skin should use it carefully. The selection of fruit acid products should be based on three principles: reasonable concentration (6% ~ 10%) + necessary acidity (PH3 ~ pH4) + intensive continuous use for 10 days to half a month. Remember that persistence is victory!

3. Select ingredients with the ability to soften sebum and dirt

Choose cleansing products containing sebaceous enzymes, mostly with make-up water and essence. The texture should also be fresh, too thick because the product added macromolecular gum, will hinder the effect of keratinase. In order to wash and steam the face, it is easier to clean the sebum and dirt.