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How is complexion aglow to return a responsibility? All of these five factors will make your face sa

Sallow complexion will make people look tired and have no spirit, so what causes sallow complexion? There are many reasons for sallow complexion. Only knowing the cause of the disease can we improve it pertinently. Next, the editor will reveal the specific reasons for sallow complexion.

The cause of dark yellow face

What is the reason for the dark and yellow complexion

Cause 1: accumulation of toxins in the body

Due to various reasons, the body's metabolism is slow, the waste and harmful toxins in the body can't be discharged from the body in time, instead, the body's environment is constantly polluted, which will cause various diseases of the human body, which will also be reflected as pale yellow and dim.

The cause of dark yellow face

Cause 2: poor blood circulation

The liver directly affects the blood vessels. If the liver fire is strong or the liver Qi is stagnant, it is easy to form Qi and blood blockage, which affects the blood circulation of the face. The skin is naturally dull.

Reason 3: insufficient rest

Because long-term stay up late or insomnia, leading to liver and gall can not get enough rest, there will be rough skin, black spots, yellow complexion and other problems.

The cause of dark yellow face

Cause 4: external pollution

Air pollution causes the accumulation of epidermal toxins, which can't be eliminated normally; ultraviolet light causes the poor blood circulation and melanin accumulation of the skin. Both of them and the heavy metal elements contained in unqualified cosmetics and skin care products will make the skin color turn yellow and dark.

The cause of dark yellow face

Cause 5: diet

Excessive intake of carotene will cause carotenemia, resulting in yellowing of the skin, with the palms and soles of the feet being the most obvious, followed by the face and ears, and the skin of the whole body may be involved in serious cases.