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Four new energy vehicles worth looking forward to in 2019! List of performance evaluation tests

In 2018, the sales volume of China's new energy vehicles has exceeded 2 million yuan, and the production and sales volume have surpassed that of the United States, becoming the largest new energy production and sales country in the world. Summarizing the past is to better look forward to the future, now 2019 officially comes. Here's a brief introduction to the four most anticipated new energy vehicles in 2019! List of performance evaluation tests.

1: Carola plug in hybrid

Expected time to market: March 2019

Expected reason: no charging and fuel saving

To be honest, the plug-in hybrid version of Carola really came a little late, which is 2019 before landing in the Chinese market. When it comes to this car, we have to mention the corolla double engine. Although it has been on the market for two years, it can still maintain the sales volume of 6-7000 per month. It can be seen that consumers have a high recognition of Toyota's hybrid models. It's a pity that the fuel-efficient twin engines can't be counted as new energy vehicles, so Toyota has to launch the plug-in hybrid version of corolla with a pure electric range of 51km.

Although it is a product that has to be launched, this is not the first time Toyota has made PHEV. In 2012, the plug-in and mixed version of Prius has been listed overseas. In fact, there is not much difference between corolla and HEV version of corolla in terms of hybrid principle. They all use the ths system, rely on the complex planetary gear set to make the Atkinson cycle engine and motor parallel, so that the engine can work in the highest efficiency range as much as possible, and finally achieve the goal of energy saving and fuel saving. As the structure is consistent with HEV version, the fuel consumption of corolla plug-in hybrid version after power failure can reach 4.6l/100km. So this car is very attractive for the users who are in the limited license city and have no charging conditions.

2: Tesla Model 3

Expected time to market: March 2019

Reason for expectation: the latest and cheapest Tesla

With the success of model s and model x, every new Tesla car can naturally attract great attention. The same is true for the latest model 3. Although it has been on the market for a long time in the United States, the Chinese market will not be able to deliver until 2019. Although it is the cheapest Tesla, the pre-sale price of model 3 is 499000-56000 yuan, which is divided into long-term version and high-performance version.

Of course, it's expensive for a reason. Compared with the two big brothers, the performance of model 3 is not inferior. The zero acceleration performance of the high-performance version can reach 3.3 seconds, and the comprehensive range can reach 580km. In addition, the most expected part of model 3 is that it will be made in China. At present, Tesla's super factory in Shanghai is about to be built. In a few years, we will see the domestic Tesla, and the first car is model 3.

3: Ideal intelligent one

Expected time to market: the fourth quarter of 19

Reason for expectation: add electric vehicle and don't worry about the endurance

Due to the arrival of new energy wave, all kinds of new forces of car building are springing up. Many consumers are puzzled about the reliability of products produced by these enterprises. Among them, Weilai es8, the earliest vehicle delivery company, has been exposed with many endurance problems. Its comprehensive endurance is only 355km, and owners can only drive less than 200km in winter. In order to solve the problem of endurance anxiety, one, the first model of chehejia, is an ideal intelligent one, which chooses a new way to avoid the problem of endurance anxiety by adding programs.

The biggest difference between the electric vehicle and ordinary electric vehicle is that there is an additional range increaser to generate power for the battery when the battery is running out of power. The ideal intelligent one uses a 1.2t three cylinder engine as the range increaser, and its battery capacity reaches 40.6kwh. The official table shows that the comprehensive range of this vehicle will exceed 700km. Due to the existence of the range increaser, it is not necessary to use it in winter Worry about battery attenuation.

4: BYD Tang ev

Expected time to market: the first half of 2019

Reason for expectation: No.1 in domestic pure electric vehicles

The second generation of BYD Tang has been on the market for nearly half a year, and its sales volume has maintained a good level, mainly due to its good appearance and strong motivation. Not long ago, the pure electric version of the Tang EV model was officially off the production line. It was not far from the vehicle delivery by visual inspection. Tang EV continued the strong power of the Tang DM. The official claims that the breaking score is 4.4S, and the constant speed range of the ev600 can reach 600km, but the maximum range is only for the factory and household The real NEDC comprehensive endurance mileage is expected to be about 500km, which can become the first domestic brand.

These are the four new energy vehicles that Xiaobian is looking forward to in the past 19 years. Each of them has its own advantages. Which one is the most expected new energy vehicle? Welcome to interact with us.