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How to make your skin dark and yellow teach you how to whiten quickly

Every girl is eager to have white and red skin, not only beautiful and moving, but also looks young forever. However, with the advancement of age and the stimulation of external factors, our skin will inevitably encounter problems such as dark yellow. In this way, it seems that the whole person is dark, old, = and has no spirit. Next, the editor will teach you how to quickly improve the dark yellow skin to achieve whitening effect.

The first way to improve the dark yellow skin is to exfoliate. Our skin needs to be metabolized every day. If we don't remove the aged horniness produced by facial metabolism in time, it will appear that our skin looks very dark, yellow and lusterless, and may bring other facial skin problems. Therefore, it is necessary to do exfoliation once a week.

The second way to improve the dark yellow skin is to eat more red dates. As we all know, red dates are the best products for women's beauty. Eating more dates can nourish our blood and make our face ruddy and glossy. Jujube is rich in protein, carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, organic acid, phosphorus, calcium, iron, etc. these substances can promote the metabolism of skin cells, prevent pigmentation, and greatly improve our dark yellow skin color.

The third way to improve the dark yellow skin is to drink lemonade. Lemon has a good whitening effect, it is rich in vitamin C, can promote skin metabolism, delay aging. Moreover, lemon can whiten and remove spots, make pores delicate, soften cuticle and make skin more shiny. Drink a glass of lemonade every day, can quickly improve the skin dark yellow, let you easily white back.

The fourth way to improve the skin dark yellow is moisturizing and hydrating. Lack of water will also lead to dark yellow skin, so you need to add enough water to the skin to make it more transparent and shiny. We can use water replenishment essence and mask to fill the skin with water. If you insist on using it, you will see the effect.