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How does toothache fast stop ache? Three minutes of fast pain relief

Toothache may be caused by a lack of fire in the body, or by a long-term stimulation of the gums caused by careless oral hygiene and bacteria, or by malnutrition and lack of vitamins! How does toothache fast stop ache? Teach you three minutes to stop the pain quickly.

Several methods of acupoint emergency:

1. Press Hegu acupoint on the back of the left hand with your right hand: the five fingers of the left hand are close together. Hegu acupoint is the area of the raised flesh between the thumb and the index finger. When you press it with your right hand (ice is better), you will feel soreness. Press it for about 3-5 minutes until it doesn't hurt, and then press it for another minute. This method is used for emergency pain relief. Please come to medical treatment in time after that!

2. Ice application method: if conditions permit, ice can be applied to the toothache area, which is very effective to relieve the pain. Ice for about 15-20 minutes each time, can be applied many times, until the pain disappears, and then timely cooperate with the drug for treatment!

Oral pain relief method:

Gargle with salt water:

Pour 1 teaspoon salt into a small half cup of boiling water, stir a little to make it completely dissolved. Rinse your mouth continuously after cooling, which can greatly reduce the pain! Because salt water has disinfection effect;

Gargle with boiled pepper and vinegar:

Use 110g vinegar, add 25g pepper, boil for about 10 minutes, then put it in the mouth for 2-5 minutes after cooling, it can effectively relieve pain;

Ginger bite method:

Cut a small piece of ginger, bite in the pain, about 10-20 minutes, can be used many times, sleep can also be included in the mouth, the effect is very obvious!

Liquor salt heating method:

Take 120g of commonly used white wine, add a little salt (about 15g) into it, stir to make salt dissolve, and then put it on the stove to boil. When it's not very hot, it's hard to stop the toothache with a bite in the pain!

Honey light method:

With chopsticks or toothpicks, apply honey to the toothache area, and it will be OK in a few minutes;

Garlic application method:

Take a proper amount of garlic, peel it and mash it into a paste, and apply it to the pain spot after a proper warm, which can relieve pain;

Yunnan Baiyao daubing method:

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