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Why is there no Hu Bayi in the west of Hunan? Is Hu 81 not the leading role of Nu Qing in Xiangxi

The launch of "angry Xiangxi with ghosts blowing lights" has attracted many netizens' audiences. Many of them are curious about why there is no Hu Bayi, the protagonist of the novel. Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

Why there is no Hu Bayi in the west of Hunan

Angry light blowing by ghosts in Xiangxi is one of the novels in the series of ghost light blowing. It tells the story of Chen Yulou and partridge whistle. Although Hu Bayi is the protagonist of the whole novel, Chen Yulou tells Hu Bayi his experience in angry light blowing in Xiangxi, so there is no Hu Bayi in the play.

After the launch of "angry Xiangxi with ghosts blowing lights", many of the original parties are satisfied with the plot. The story of the old generation is told in the rage of the ghost blowing the lamp in Xiangxi. In this play, the heroine of the ghost blowing the lamp series, Shirley Yang's grandfather partridge whistle, explores the ancient tomb of Pingshan with Chen Yulou. Chen Yulou belongs to the Lishi of Jieling, who is also proficient in Yin and Yang and Fengshui. There is a generation between Chen Yulou and Hu Bayi. In terms of seniority, he is the senior of Hu Bayi. In his early years, Chen Yulou was a bandit in Xieling, with 100000 subordinates. His story of joining hands with partridge sentry to explore yuan tomb in Pingshan is a great feat up to now.

Chen Yulou is played by Pan Yuming, partridge whistle is played by Gao Weiguang, and red girl is played by Xin Zhilei. According to the previous notice, the play perfectly restores the angry chicken, White Ape, six winged centipede and other animals. The climax of the plot is very expected, and the public praise is very good after the six episodes are updated. You may see that the hero is Chen Yulou, who will be a little confused. Because we usually see the ghost blowing lights inside, the hero will always be Hu Bayi. In fact, the relationship between Hu Bayi and Chen Yulou is only the relationship between the elders and the descendants. This story is not about Hu Ba touching Jin Xiaowei, but about the heyday of the Republic of China.

Who is the main character in the west of Hunan

Chen Yulou, also known as Chen blind man, is the main character in the online drama "angry Xiangxi with ghosts blowing lights". In addition, partridge whistle and red girl are also important roles in their party.

Chen Yulou, unloading Ling Kui Shou, the fictional character appearing in the novel "ghost blows the lamp", is also called Chen blind, the word Jintang. Born in a tomb robbing family, he is the helmsman of the three generations of bandits. In the original story, Chen Yulou lost his eyesight due to poisoning, hid in the marketplace, lived by fortune telling, and then got to know Hu Bayi. The partridge sentry was a mountain moving Taoist and Shirley Yang's grandfather. He had arranged a marriage with red girl under the protection of Chen blind. But then red girl died of plague. The partridge sentry was also seriously injured in the fight and moved to the United States. In the end, the three protagonists died and suffered two injuries, but in the TV series, they are talking about their most glorious period.

"Angry Xiangxi with a ghost blowing a lamp" has been broadcast on January 21, and is considered by the audience to be the best one in the adaptation. "Angry Xiangxi" is adapted from "angry Xiangxi with a ghost blowing a lamp" sung by the world's overlord. It is a hard core adventure drama with the historical background of the Republic of China. The drama integrates a series of commercial elements such as historical legend, mystery exploration, action fighting, gunfight and blasting, strange insects and beasts Element, more ingenious integration of the folk, especially western Hunan local traditional cultural elements. The drama tells the legend of the old generation of "Jieling Lishi" and "mountain moving Taoist", such as Chen Yulou (Pan Yueming), zhegushao (Gao Weiguang), Hong girl (Xin Zhilei). The plot and setting are very dramatic and legendary: the Jieling Lishi who gathered in the mountain forest and acted together is good at all kinds of treasure searching instruments, changing a lot; The Taoists who don't ask for treasure and whose whereabouts are hidden and hard to find are good at 'moving mountains and dividing armour'. When people are cursed, they can only solve the problem if they find zhuchenzhu. The warlords in the west of Hunan who have suffered a lot and are domineering have no choice but to seize the territory, which leads to chaos of wars and looting. In the play, there are not only those who seek for treasures to save the victims, but also the scoundrels who dig under the hills because of the conflict of interests, as well as all kinds of strange insects and monsters who roam among the mountain caves in Western Hunan.