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How many pieces of Alipay flower cards are there? Do you have a good chance of winning in huahuaka

Alipay has been working for five days. It has been several days since 2019. In addition to collecting five flowers, we are more interested in collecting Alipay flower cards. What is the use of 2019 Alipay flower cards? Flower cards can help you to spend more time. This is more tempting than the collection of five lucky ones. So how many pieces of flower cards are there?

2019 what's the use of Alipay flower card?

If you get the flower card, you will have the chance to draw the 'annual help you to spend' award, with a maximum of 48888 yuan. There are 2019 awards in total, which will open at 21:20 on February 4.

How many flower cards are there

The actual Alipay flower card can not be counted, and is not limited to the on-line.

But huahuaka is just a lottery ticket. The number of people who won the prize for free in the last Huabai is only 2019.

On the first day of the opening of the five blessings collection, nearly 300000 people collected the flower cards. However, there were not many drops. In the later stage, it's no problem to divide one person equally.

How many flower cards can a person have

There is no limit to the number of times everyone can draw flower cards, that is to say, if you are lucky, you can get a lot of flower cards.

But flower cards can't be reused, that is to say, they can't be overlapped. Redundant flower cards can be given to friends. Finally, everyone can only take part in the lottery with one flower card. More flower cards are useless!

How to get flower card

Huahua card is also obtained through the channel of Jifu card, which is random. As long as you can actively participate in the activities of Jiwu card, you will have a chance to obtain it. Like fuka, huahuaka can also be presented to each other.

How to get the card: in the five blessings activity, users can participate in AR, ant forest, answer star, ant manor, and have the opportunity to get the flower card. The latest online dip lucky card, if your friend has a flower card, you also have the opportunity to copy your friend's flower card!

Bonus rules of Huahua card

When you get the huahuaka, it doesn't mean you can win the prize. You also need to participate in the lottery. The opening time of Huahua card was 21:20 at 21:20 in February 4th.

When the play comes, the maximum amount of bonus for Huahua card is 48888 yuan. That's not to say that if you win, you can have 48888 yuan. The winning amount is closely related to your spending quota, and does not include temporary quota.

That is to say, before February 4, the actual amount of your spending * 12 must be & Ge; 48888 yuan before you can take the 48888 yuan prize. Simply calculate, 48888 / 12 = 4074 yuan, you must have at least 4074 yuan of spending quota at present. The details are as follows:

1. If the user's spending quota * 12 is greater than or equal to 48888 yuan, the user can obtain 48888 yuan of spending repayment red packet;

2. If the user's Huabei quota * 12 is greater than 2019 yuan and less than 48888 yuan, he / she can obtain the Huabei repayment red packet according to the Huabei quota * 12; 3. If the user's Huabei quota * 12 is less than or equal to 2019 yuan, he / she can obtain 2019 Yuan Huabei repayment red packet;

4. Before 12:00 on February 4, 2019 (including 12:00), users can not use Huabei or not open Huabei, and can get 2019 yuan cash red packet.

Note: although everyone can have more than one flower card, only one chance to win a prize in the end.