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How does the spot on female postpartum face dispel? Let's see what the experts say

Many women will have more or less long spots after childbirth. Don't worry too much about this. Don't put a lot of pressure on your psychology! In the face of postpartum long spot, we need to have a positive attitude, so how to remove the spot on women's postpartum face? Let's see what the experts say.

Freckles, pigmented spots and chloasma will make women grow old slowly, and finally form a yellow face. Especially after childbirth, some mothers are most likely to suffer from chloasma, because during pregnancy, the face of pregnant women will have a very serious pigmentation, which is more likely to occur near the cheek and the tip of the nose. Some pregnant women will have obvious chloasma, in order to get rid of annoying chloasma What should we do to eliminate it?

Four tips for postpartum freckle removal:

1. Supplement intake of vitamin C and e

Because postpartum physical problems, pregnant mothers choose food conditioning will be healthier. Vitamin C can effectively whiten the skin, inhibit the generation of melanin, and convert dark pigment into light color.

Vitamin E is a woman's maintenance product, which can greatly resist oxidation and keep skin young and energetic. Therefore, we should take more abundant food. Such as cherry, strawberry, papaya, kiwi, tomato, cabbage, radish, broccoli, etc.

2. Relieving sleep disorders

Relaxed mental state is one of the effective measures to treat chloasma.

3. Develop a scientific life habit

Don't smoke, drink less. Eat less stimulating, sweet and fried food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink 6-8 cups of boiled water every day.

4. Conditioning with traditional Chinese Medicine

The traditional Chinese medicine with the functions of nourishing yin and kidney, harmonizing blood and Qi, nourishing the body is used to recuperate the weak body after childbirth, not only to beautify the skin, but also to help the body recover.

Pregnant mothers can try the following traditional Chinese medicine freckle removal method:

Shugan Huoxue Decoction:

Bupleurum, peppermint, Scutellaria, gardenia, Guiwei, red peony, safflower, zedoary turmeric, Chenpi 9 g each, liquorice, Sichuan dome 6 g each. Pan fry the juice, take one dose twice a day.

Xiaoyao San:

Xiangfu, Yujin, Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos, angelica, paeony each 10 grams, bupleurum, rose flowers, tangerine peel, baked licorice each 6 grams. Decoct the juice in water and take 1 dose twice a day.

Yuxuan Xiaoban powder:

Addition and subtraction of Shenling Baizhu powder: dangshen, Baizhu, Fuling, Huaishan, job's tears, lentils, Amomum, raw rehmannia, safflower and liquorice.

Conclusion: after reading the introduction of the above editor, I hope to help a lot of Baoma to solve the problem of chloasma. In life, we should pay more attention to the eating habits, not to eat too spicy and fried food, to achieve meat and vegetable matching, not smoking and not drinking, and with the continuous development of medical beauty surgery, face long spot, laser surgery is also a better method, the majority of beauty seekers can choose a regular professional hospital for laser freckle removal, to ensure their personal safety and freckle removal effect.