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What are the idioms and ancient poems of the year of the pig? A list of ancient poems and idioms in

The Spring Festival of 2019 has entered the countdown. Do you want to know what ancient poems are about the year of the pig? Today, Xiaobian not only arranges the ancient poems of the year of the pig for you, but also prepares idioms about the year of the pig. Let the children and friends around you learn them as soon as possible.

Idioms of the year of the pig

When the year of the pig comes this year, many people begin to prepare for the new year, but for most people, the year of the pig will still have many good poems, good idioms to remember, and the new year will be more meaningful.

Jinzhu new year, happy and auspicious, jinzhugongmen, Wufu linmen, Jinzhu tumbling, financial resources tumbling, Jinzhu praying, family happiness, zhulunhuahuhu, yuzhuwuzi, zhulipuzi

Zhu Zhubai, Zhu yancuifa, Zhu yanlvbin, green sideburns, white hair and Zhu Yan, eyes like hanging beads, eloquence, Zhu yanhefa, Zhu liphaotoothed, zhugecuiwu, Zhulianbihe, Zhu zaogai

Spring days, national steps, long tengmen, congrui and AI households, spring light, old scenery, new year's order, Ziyan flying in the sky, spring breeze warm in the ground, broad Highlands in the sky, long life, Shujing open in the sky, happy new year for people

Ancient poetry in the year of the pig

From ancient times to the present, many literati will choose to use ancient poems to commemorate what happens every year. In the year of the pig, there will be many good ancient poems. It's just the time of the new year. Let's have a look at some good ancient poems. It's also meaningful.

Panhu God will go up to heaven to report happiness; Tianpeng Yuanshi will go down to eliminate disaster.

Junma, Jinan, steps onto Kangzhuang Road, and Yuanbao, a fat pig, ushers in a great harvest year.

Red plum dot, Panhu Ao frost with the age to go; beautiful fusion, Tianpeng happy with the spring.

General Panhu was ordered to resign and report his meritorious service. Marshal Tianpeng sent treasure to welcome spring.

Heshunyimen has the word "hundred blessings and peace" worth thousands of gold: everything is renewed

Spring is always blooming in all seasons

Hundreds of years, thousands of years, rivers and mountains of the present era

Some of the poems about pigs reflect the local customs at that time. For example, in the Northern Dynasty folk song "Mulan poem", the little brother came to grind his knife to the pig and sheep. It was about Hua Mulan's brother killing the pig and sheep to reward his elder sister and celebrate the happy event after he won the army for his father.

The Song Dynasty poet Qin Guan's Leiyang book "a flute and a drum, the sound is very sad. Ask me what this is. I'll send you to mourn. When you go out, you will wear a sword to the pig and sheep. Why do you need to do a good job? There is no harm in going to ghosts. 'middle, killing pigs and sheep is to deal with the funeral.

The Song Dynasty Shu Temple monk's "steamed pork poem" has left the pork burning method, "the mouth long hair short fat, long to the mountains to eat medicine seedlings. The banana leaves have been wrapped in the steaming place and poured with apricot pulp when they are ripe. The red delicacy is called the golden plate recommendation, and the soft ripeness is really worthy of selection. If there is no comparison of Shan roots, Shan roots only eat rattan. '