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GDP ranking of 18 cities in Henan Province in 2018! Luoyang is still the second oldest brother in th

According to preliminary accounting, in 2018, the province's GDP reached 4805.586 billion yuan, an increase of 7.6%, 1.0 percentage points higher than the national average, ranking 11th in the country. GDP ranking of 18 cities in Henan Province in 2018! Luoyang is still the second oldest brother in the province.

The economic development of Henan Province in recent years is obvious to all. After Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, was defined as a national central city by the state, the economy of Henan Province has also achieved a comprehensive take-off under the leadership of Zhengzhou.

According to the GDP ranking of all cities in Henan Province, Zhengzhou is still the unshakable economic leader in the province. From January to April 2018, the total GDP of Zhengzhou was 1014.332 billion yuan, which is the first time in Zhengzhou's history that the total GDP exceeded trillion yuan and successfully ranked among the few trillion yuan GDP cities in the country. And Zhengzhou's nominal growth rate is also the highest in the province, reaching 10.33%, while the growth rate in 2017 is only 8.2%. We have to say that Zhengzhou's economic model is on a very high-speed road.

Luoyang is still the second eldest brother in the province, not only in terms of total amount, but also in terms of per capita GDP. In addition, Nanyang, Xuchang and Zhoukou are among the top five GDP in Henan Province, with little change in overall ranking. The following is the detailed ranking of regional GDP of all cities in Henan Province in January to April 2018:

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