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What are the most watched movies this year? Top ten movies

To say which movies are most worth watching in 2019, in addition to this year's strong new year's film, there are many other movies worth your attention. Here are the top ten movies in 2019 that are counted by Xiaobian. Let's see what they are.

Crazy aliens

Highlight: director Ning Hao starring Huang Bo and Shen Teng

To be reasonable, see these three people gathered together, regardless of his films, first buy tickets to watch it! The editor predicted that this movie would be a big fire. Ning Hao's first two "Crazy" series not only won the box office, but also gained public praise. The 3 million cost of "crazy stone" won 23.5 million box office, and the 10 million cost of "crazy racing" changed into 100 million box office. The inspiration of this play comes from Liu Cixin's short story "country teacher". As for the box office this time, I dare not think of it. I'm afraid it's going to set a new national record again.

Flying life

Highlight: the road to face fighting and comeback

Shen Teng is very busy in 2019, not only "crazy alien", but also in Han Han's film "flying life", which is also starring. This is the third work directed by Han Han. It can be seen from the posters alone. It's still very 'Han Han'. This time, Shen Teng is still the image of a small man in Shijing, but he has had a brilliant time, waiting to see how the old spirit of chariot 'faces' come back. When you get to the cinema, just control your mood and don't laugh off your chin.

Wandering the earth

Highlight: the original novel won the first prize of Galaxy award in 2000

Science fiction series and domestic science fiction movies are true. They don't surprise the public. Instead, they have all kinds of shocking special effects and brainless plots. However, the film is adapted from Liu Cixin's novel of the same name. Tramp earth was originally published in the 7th issue of science fiction world in 2000, and won the first prize of Galaxy award in that year. According to the notice and poster released at present, it is really a work that can be sold.

The king of new comedy

Highlight: Director Zhou Xingchi

It's a thankless thing to remake one's own works or one of the most popular classics. But who makes the director Zhou Xingchi? Two films directed by Zhou Xingchi, the mermaid and the journey to the west, are controversial, but the box office is still high. This wave of "the king of new comedy", to be honest, the expectation is not very high, but against Zhou Xingchi's golden signboard, push hard, can only pray that the positive film is better than the trailer!

Honest government

Highlight: Director Mai Zhaohui's representative works "Infernal Affairs", "eavesdropping situation" and "first character D"

Seeing director Mai Zhaohui, I decided to buy this movie ticket. After all, it's the people who have made Infernal Affairs. They won't be disappointed. The starring lineup Liu Qingyun, Zhang Jiahui, Fang CITIC, Lin Jiaxin, Yuan Yongyi, sit and watch the old partners fight together for the Spring Festival.

Over the spring

Highlight: give you a real look of youth

"Pepe", a 16-year-old single non family girl, has both identity and life in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. In order to make an agreement with her friends, for her sense of existence and for her ignorant good will, her inner impulse was ignited and "water guest" became another identity of her. A youth story with a sense of "adventure" began

"Touching the golden school captain, general Jiuyou"

Highlight: Xu laoguai and Chen Kun work together

Director Xu Ke, starring Chen Kun, is reasonable and doesn't need to introduce too much. Xu laoguai's works never let people down, but brought surprises again and again. Before that, in addition to the "dragon hunt" in the series of yard line tomb robberies, one by one, the streets were covered. After the "dragon hunt", the world's overlord sang a contract with Gongfu film industry to write a sequel to "ghost blows the lamp", which was called "school captain in search of gold". For Xu laoguai and Changhua, this ticket has to be arranged!

Assassinating novelists

Highlight: there are two old boys from TF

To be honest, when I saw Yang Mi in the list of leading actors, my heart was half cold. Big power is popular, but its acting is really not flattering. I don't know if it will bring you a bright surprise. But seeing Lei Jiayin and Guo Jingfei and Yu Hewei, well, I feel like I can pull back some good feelings. In addition, Dong Zijian and Yaya also participated in the show. Before that, Dong Zijian's wonderful performance in the big river impressed many people. Tong Liya's beauty and acting skills are always online. I'm looking forward to it!

Clouds made by a rain in the wind

Highlight: Four Golden Horse Awards

Generally speaking, this kind of film adapted from the song title is easy to paste. However, at one glance, the director is Lou ye, who has made the summer palace and the night of spring. Jing Biran, Ma Sichun and Song Jia are all online, so there should be no big difference. This work is Lou Ye's work in 2018. For a variety of reasons (well, it's actually that kind of work), it will be overstocked until 2019.

Eight and a half

Reason for recommendation: completely confidential

This movie, I don't know what to say or who will play it, but it's just because nothing has been revealed, that's why people are looking forward to it. Although I don't know the starring cast, the director's cast is quite strong, which is composed of eight famous Hong Kong directors: Du Qifeng, Wu Yusen, Xu Ke, Xu Anhua, Lin Lingdong, Tan Jiaming, Hong Jinbao and Yuan Heping. Each director chooses a certain decade in the history of Hong Kong to shoot, so is this eight and a half films made by one director?