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How is there apparent vertical grain on fingernail to return a responsibility? Do nails have vertica

I don't know if you pay attention to your fingernails. There are lines on the nail plate. Some people's lines are deep, some are shallow, and they are all vertically developed. There are vertical lines of stripes. Some people are worried about whether there are too many vertical lines of stripes on their fingernails, and whether there is a problem in their health. The following small series will answer this question for you.

Do nails have vertical lines

Some people have said that if there are vertical lines on the nails, the body is unhealthy. In fact, the normal state of our nails is to have vertical lines. Most importantly, in the relevant survey, if you test the nails of 10 people, then you will find that the vast majority of people's nails have vertical lines. Moreover, as you grow older, you will also find that the vertical lines on your fingernails gradually deepen, which is the same mechanism as our skin. Therefore, a friend with vertical lines on his fingernails does not mean that your health is abnormal.

What's the matter with vertical lines on fingernails

Chinese medicine points out that nails are closely related to our health, and we can often see the health of the body from the nails. There are vertical lines on the nail is a common phenomenon for many people, but this is not normal. Only when there is a health problem will there be vertical lines on the nail. Therefore, we must pay special attention in our daily life. It is better to observe the shape of the nail regularly. Once we find that there are vertical lines on the nail and other abnormal situations, we will pay enough attention.

Causes of nail vertical lines

1. The main reason is the loss of oil and water in the deck due to the increase of age.

2. It is possible for nails to become dry due to long-term exposure to some chemicals, such as washing dishes and clothes frequently.

3. In the near future, due to the lack of protein, iron, calcium or vitamin A and B, the nail vertical lines may also be caused.