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What are the best American dramas to watch? Douban classic high score American drama recommendation

I believe that many friends like to watch American TV dramas, and small editors like to watch American TV dramas very much. American TV dramas are humorous and bold, of course, there are also technology and grotesque. No matter what type they are, no matter what elements they contain, there are many recognized excellent American TV dramas. Today, small editors are going to introduce ten classic American TV dramas to you. Do you believe that cartoon is the first one in the list. It's coming to What's the charm of the bottom? I'll see it.

American dramas with more than 9.5 points

1. Rick and Morty

Douban score: 9.8

This is an American cartoon series, which tells the story of a grandfather and his grandson. Since the start of broadcasting, each one has a high score. People who have seen it say that it is not exaggerated to give full marks. It is super healing and has a big brain hole. They also have a name called, Grandpa, you can easily lose me & hellip; & hellip;

2. Grotesque town

Douban score: 9.7

The strange town has reached the second season. The painting style is quite strange. It mainly tells about a brother and a sister who were rushed to their uncle's town by their parents. After that, the two children have experienced many fantastic stories in a Secret Forest in the town. They have tears, creativity and big brain holes.

3. Cat and mouse

Douban score: 9.7

Cat and mouse is an animation with a long history. It mainly tells the story of a cat and mouse falling in love and killing each other. Without subtitles, you can watch an animation with interest. It's a classic.

4. Fly into the future

Douban score: 9.6

An American science fiction animation, the whole play mainly revolves around all the things experienced by a pizza courier who woke up after several years of freezing. The magic of American drama animation is that there will always be a moment that will move you.

5. We naked bear season four

Douban score: 9.6

Daily funny, very warm three little bears, different personalities, each episode of the plot is more fragmented, inadvertently speaking will make you feel very philosophical & hellip; & hellip; see the end, you will become a fan of the white bear.

6. Jueming poison master

Douban score: 9.6

This American drama about a university professor, because of family reasons, finally embarked on a path of making drugs, and became a generation of drug lords. Although he became a gangster, he also had professional ethics & hellip; & hellip;

7. Coquettish lawyer season 4

Douban score: 9.6

After the show, the coquettish lawyer is expected to usher in the final chapter, mainly about the transformation of an unknown little lawyer into a lawyer dedicated to defending the criminal, and the infinite splendor in the process of struggle.

8. Forrest gummy world Season 3

Douban score: 9.6

This is a more suitable animation for children to watch together. The character painting style is mellow and lovely, and the highlight of each season is different & hellip; the animation brain holes of American TV series are relatively large, and it is also a very healing thing to watch this animation after a day of frustration.

9. Brotherhood

Douban score: 9.5

Brother company's play is based on the real story of World War II. It tells the story of a group of soldiers who completed many tasks in the cruel war. There is a line in the play. Children and grandpa are not heroes, but they have fought together.

10. Lonely pigeon

Douban score: 9.5

It's a western film worth watching. It's a kind of friendship between men, a kind of mutual fetter between people, a mixture of childrens and girlfriends. The most handsome cowboy can't be better than hellip & hellip;