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Does the logistics deliver goods normally during the Spring Festival? Which couriers work normally d

Now it's not far from the Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival, you should also be concerned about whether you can receive what you want by express delivery or not. The relevant agencies have also started to respond to this problem. In fact, during the Spring Festival, the news of express delivery outage is false. Many logistics companies also say that they just enter the Spring Festival mode if they don't close during the Spring Festival, which may be The price will be adjusted a little.

Everyone must be very happy when they come to the new year, because they can eat good things and wear new clothes, and can also receive new year's money. For the express brother, the Spring Festival is a year-round holiday without any rest time. This year, naturally, it is no exception. In response, various large express companies have announced that the Spring Festival does not close.

Many people don't know what kind of mode is the Spring Festival mode? The general meaning is that the Spring Festival does not rest, but also helps the people's demand for express logistics, so that during the festival 'no rejection, no backlog'. Now many companies have issued the Spring Festival announcement. Shunfeng and Post said that they will be open normally during the Spring Festival, and they will implement the 24-hour shift system, Yuantong, Zhongtong, Yunda and Pepsi. Although some express delivery kids will go home for the Spring Festival, there will still be on duty personnel, which also ensures that the express delivery can be carried out normally during the Spring Festival.

And now there are many people will buy new year's goods online, no matter what they eat, wear or use, and these will cause a lot of pressure on the express boy. After this time, many people said that the express boy didn't go home for the new year?

These days, they are the busiest time for them. Some express boys can go home for the new year, while some people are going to spend the new year with logistics. For enterprises, small and medium-sized logistics enterprises are basically in the normal state of vacation. Large mainstream express logistics enterprises should arrange the staff rotation procedure to deal with work flexibly.

For those express companies that still stick to their posts during the Spring Festival, they should give appropriate material subsidies and pay corresponding overtime wages. So it's really not easy for the express boy. If his logistics doesn't arrive on time, I hope everyone can understand each other.