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Who is the youngest world champion in history? China's birth of the Third World Professional champio

Who is the youngest world champion in history? In a World Boxing Association (WBA) featherweight Championship just concluded, China was born the Third World Professional champion and the youngest world champion in China.

In the just concluded World Boxing Association (WBA) featherweight championship, Chinese boxer Xu can defeated defending champion Rojas and won the gold belt after 12 rounds of fierce fighting. After Xiong Chaozhong and Zou Shiming, this is the third gold belt for Chinese boxers and the youngest world champion in China.

it is worth mentioning that this is Xu can's first challenge to the gold belt title of the world champion, and the seventh Chinese boxer to challenge the gold belt after Lin Mingjia, Xiong Chaozhong, Zou Shiming, Qiu Xiaojun, Yang Lianhui and Lv Bin. Previously, Xiong Chaozhong, a Chinese boxer, won the WBC Mini Lightweight world champion's gold belt in 2012, while Zou Shiming won the wbo flyweight world champion's gold belt in 2016.

The opponent of Xu can's challenge is WBA Featherweight world champion and Puerto Rican Rojas. In the field of professional boxing, it's very difficult to challenge the world champion in active service. From the historical challenge record, the victory rate of the challenger is also very low. The difficulty of Xu can's competition can be seen. Rojas also threatened to Ko Xu can in six rounds before the match. But before the game, from Xu can's own preparation state, he is still in a very relaxed state.