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2019 Alipay set five best strategies, how to get 8 blessings a day?

Today's blessing, have you burst? It's just that this year's dedicated blessing is as hard to sweep as ever, and the brand-new huahuaka playing method also makes many people greedy. So how can I sweep out eight blessings in one day? In fact, there are skills and strategies. Today, Xiaobian will come to give you detailed tips.

2019 how can Alipay get 8 blessings in one day? Yesterday, Alipay set up the five blessing activities officially started. As of now, more than more than 1 million 380 thousand people have gathered five benefits. This year, the five blessing activities continued until February 4th, so we believe that there will be more and more people in the five places. This year, we can still get the AR blessing, the ant forest, the blessing forest, the ant manor and so on. De Fu card.

It is worth mentioning that this year, a new method of getting lucky card by answering the questions of the planet has been added. Of course, this activity will start on January 28. In addition, a new flower card has been added this year. With this card, you can have the chance to get the prize of "helping you spend the whole year", with a maximum of 48888 yuan. There are 2019 copies in total, and the prize will open at 21:20 on February 4.

Before January 28, in fact, each user can get up to 8 cards per day for each account. Next, I will explain in detail how to get 8 cards per day.

2019 Alipay set five Fu Fu card the strongest strategy

1. Up to 2 cards can be used for AR scanning:

We opened the latest version of Alipay client and went to AR to scan the interface. We could get fuka, up to 2 copies per day, but we could only get 1 copies today.

2. A maximum of 2 fukas may be used for watering the forest:

We can access the ant forest blessing forest interface and get the blessing card by continuously watering the forest, but we can get up to 2 blessing cards per day.

3, Alipay AR sweep Coca-Cola Fuwa can get 1 Zhang Fuka at most.

We also open the Alipay AR scan, only need to scan the Coca-Cola custom word, we have the chance to get a fukha, Xiaobian pro test really can, if the first time did not sweep to fukha, Xiaobian recommended to sweep several times, kindly Xiaobian to share with you Coca-Cola Fuwa, just sweep the Xiaobian share of Fuwa.

Just sweep this Fuwa

This is the fuka obtained by Xiao Bian and Saul Fuwa

4, Alipay AR sweep Kentucky's national line next store customize the word "Fu": extra can get 1 Zhang Fuka.

A warm reminder from Xiaobian: in general, when scanning this customized blessing, it will not come out for the first time. Don't be discouraged. If you haven't sent out the blessing card, you will continue to scan it. At last, it will come out. Xiaobian scanned the blessing card six times, as shown in the figure below. (Xiaobian is still kind enough to share this KFC customized Fuzi for her friends, just scan the Fuzi shared by Xiaobian.).

Just scan this custom Fuzi

5, Alipay AR sweep the China Mobile business hall under the national line custom "Fu" word: you can get 1 extra Fuke small compiling warm reminder, sweep this mobile custom word, one also needs to sweep several times, it will come out, as shown below. (Xiaobian is still kind enough to share this KFC customized Fuzi for her friends, just scan the Fuzi shared by Xiaobian.).

6, special purchases for the Spring Festival special purchases for the Spring Festival Taobao App: note that it is not in the Alipay App, but with the latest Taobao App search set, the entry page is launched, and the red year goods are being swept away.

I believe that it's not difficult to get eight cards a day easily after reading the best strategies of the collection of five blessings. I like our friends to remember to pay attention to them. In the future, more techniques and Strategies of the collection of five blessings will be brought.