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What is the special meaning of Ma Yunfu? Can the word "Ma Yunfu" sweep out the happiness of dedicati

At present, the gathering of five blessings in 2019 is in a hot and continuous process. Ma Yun's father wrote a piece of blessings by himself, and it's a surprise. It's zhanfu Qi card. Here's a picture of blessings written by Ma Yun. Can ma Yun's character of happiness really sweep out the happiness of dedication?

Early this morning, Alipay announced that the general manager of the five FU event, Guan Hua, had a small prop on the line. The name is "lucky lucky card". As the name suggests, it can be used to take the credit of others. In all places where you can get a lucky card, you can get a lucky card every day from 28 to 18:00 on February 4. When your friends use this card, they will have the opportunity to copy a new card from you, and your lucky card will not be affected. The types of copied cards are all based on luck. Lucky friends can get flower cards or professional happiness.

28 noon, Alipay again issued a micro Bo called ma Yun sent him nails, said he wrote a "blessing" (below), Ma Yun said that the meaning of this blessing is "there are fields, pigs, nets, Alipay, and the combination is blessing", the author looked at it carefully, really, do not know if you see it?

Fuzi picture written by Ma Yun

Today, Alipay official micro-blog claims: "people's daily is collecting the nails from China, Ma Yun just sent me a nail and said he wrote a blessing." there are pigs in the field, there is a network, there are Alipay, and the mixture is bliss. Do you see it? If you do not see it, just sweep it and let Ma teacher pass it on to you. What is the blessing word in your heart?

If we use Alipay to sweep the blessing of Ma Yun, we will play a letter from the five FU project team. In addition, it is reported that this year's five blessing has added a new way of "lucky luck", using the 'lucky luck', you can randomly copy friends and relatives of a blessing card (including dedication and flower card), sweeping or Alipay shop to buy the opportunity to get "lucky card".

Why did Ma Yun join in the fun this year? Some netizens said that this time Ma Yun wrote the word "Alipay" for himself, supporting the activities of the five events, and wishing to bless all of you. It is reported that this is not the first time that Ma Yun wrote the word "Fu". When he collected the five blessings in 2017, the word "Fu" of dedicated Fu was also written by Ma Yun.