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Why can't a lucky card touch a good friend's dedication? Operation skill is very important

When it comes to the most popular activities in recent days, I'm sure everyone will say it's the collection of five blessings. As in previous years, this year, in addition to the hard work of working hard, there is also a rare flower card! But after these two cards go online, it's much easier to get them, but many people can't get their friends' flower cards or working hard. Do you know why?

Many friends have encountered the above problem! Here's how to accurately scan the professional card or flower card:

First, make sure that your friend has a dedicated blessing. Let him transfer all the blessings to you except for the dedicated blessing or Huahua card. At this time, there is only one dedicated blessing or Huahua card left in the friend's hand. Then you use the dip card to dip him, and you will win! Finally, you want to return the friend's blessing to him.

However, in fact, the card with lucky card is organic. The first time the card is copied, the success rate is the highest, and the next time the probability becomes low, but it doesn't exclude the first time it fails!

Finally, I'd like to send you the blessing words written by Ma Yun himself. It's better to ask for yourself than others. I hope you can sweep out your favorite fukaha as soon as possible!