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How to register for foreign cars in Hainan? 2019 Hainan non local vehicle restriction policy

Since the opening of the application business of the lottery on August 1, the website of Hainan lottery system has been crowded. As of 19:30 on August 2, 27409 people had applied for the personal lottery number, which is still rising! So how to register the foreign cars in Hainan? In 2019, let's learn about the policy of vehicle restriction in Hainan.

policy of vehicle restriction for non local vehicles in Hainan:

From 0:00 on August 1, 2019, Hainan will take traffic control over the passenger cars driving on the roads in the administrative areas of the province, which are not licensed by the province (including temporary license plates). The passenger cars not registered in Hainan Province shall be registered by means of network, telephone or window. The total number of passing days of each vehicle per year shall not exceed 120 days, which can be handled many times.

Hainan auto number policy:

After the implementation of the measures for the administration of the regulation and control of the number of passenger cars in Hainan Province (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as the measures (Trial)). Units or individuals in Hainan region need to apply for passenger car indicators for new and updated passenger cars. The first phase of lottery starts on August 26, and there are five opportunities for lottery this year.