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Who is the historical prototype of Li haola? Is Li haola related to MI Yue

In the popular online broadcast of the legendary ancient costume drama "the legend of haola", the play attracted the attention of many netizens once it was broadcast. This time, Wu Jinyan's role as the heroine, Li haola, has attracted a lot of attention. This woman's life is also legendary. From the daughter of the imperial historian whose family has been destroyed to the Empress Dowager of the state of Qin who is powerful and powerful, this TV play is also a female inspirational play. Does Li haola have the original form in history? Who is the historical prototype of Li haola?

"The legend of haola" shows the advanced course of the legendary woman Li haola. The big guy quickly thinks of another legendary woman Mi Yue, and there is some relationship between them.

An analysis of the relationship between Li haola and Mi Yue in the story of haola

Li haola's historical prototype is Zhao Ji, the mother of the first emperor of Qin in the Warring States period, while Mi Yue's prototype is the historical empress xuantai, the great grandmother of the first emperor of Qin. Although Li haola is the heroine in the biography of haola, it also tells the history of Qin in the Warring States period. Mi Yue's prototype also appears in the powerful people of Qin in the Warring States period, but there is a generation gap between the two people, so they are said to have different generations It's not the same person.

In the biography of MI Yue, MI Yue is a princess born in the state of Chu. According to the history, MI Ba Zi is from the state of Chu. However, her position in the Royal Palace is not high and she is not valued, so she will be married to the state of Qin as a dowry and become the concubine of King Huiwen of Qin. In history, MI Bazi has contacts with many men. She is not a good wife, but she has made great contributions to the development of the state of Qin, which is undeniable.

After the death of King Huiwen of Qin Dynasty, MI Bazi's life fell dramatically, and her son Ying Ji was sent to the state of Yan to be a proton by the people in the palace. That was the darkest life of MI Yue and his son Ying Ji. It wasn't long before war broke out between Yan state and Qin state, and the strength of Qin state gradually increased. Later, Ying Ji was taken back to the palace and became the king of Qin because of the death of holding the tripod three years after he ascended the throne. At this time, MI Bazi was also very happy. Mi Bazi is the first empress dowager in Chinese history.

The prototype of Li haola is Zhao Ji, the queen of Ying Yiren and the birth mother of Qin Shihuang. Both Ying Yi Ren and Qin Shi Huang are descendants of empress Xuan, the eighth son of MI, so Li haola and Mi Yue are not the same person, but they are the relationship between ancestors and descendants. Zhao Ji married Ying Yiren and gave birth to Ying Zheng, the first emperor of Qin. After Ying Yiren died, Zhao Ji took the young Ying Zheng to the throne of Qin and took charge of the power of life and death. However, Zhao Ji's ambition and achievements in the government are far less than Mi Bazi's, which is the difference between the two. But it has to be said that these two women of Qin State in the Warring States period have been remembered by later generations, and they are powerful roles in history.