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Slag female big wave slag male tin paper iron is what stem? Tin paper perm is slag man's favorite ha

Green tea tiktok tiktok is a popular sentence recently. A popular sentence on the shaking voice is "slag man tin foil hot, slag girl wave, green tea princess cut, Zhang Liang spicy hot, and I am different, active and upward". The following is management resources. What's the source of the shaking tin for men's tin foil?

Tin paper ironing: Tin paper ironing is a method of manually adding tin paper roll ironing to make the hair in a wisp shape. The hair is curled at will and free without confusion. At the same time, the hair is more light and elegant, full of dynamic, fashionable and not exaggerated.

Big wave: 'big wave' is a popular curly hair style. It was first created by the classic Shanghai. Because the texture is like the wave of the sea, it is called big wave. Soft and graceful, with light and elegant hairstyle and charming visual impact.

Princess Cut: the hair style of the princess in the sun diffuse is straight bangs or air bangs, and the hair style grows to the corners of the mouth.