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Can ma Yun's character of happiness sweep out the happiness of dedication? How to sweep out the happ

Did you sweep up the Alipay? Alipay sweep 2019 activities like a raging fire, AR sweep Fu, Fu Lin watering, answer planet, ant manor turn round to battle, now more than 22 million people gathered Qi Fu, at 22:18 on February 4th, officially open the lottery.

Today, Alipay administrative micro blog said: "heard that people's daily is collecting China's blessing and death," Ma Yun just sent me nails and said he wrote a blessing. "There are pigs, nets, Alipay, and all together is bliss." do you see? If you do not see it, just sweep up and let Ma pass the fortune to you. What is the blessing word in your heart?

Ma Yunfu sharing

After the Alipay wrote the blessing Ma Yun wrote, a letter from the five FU project team will be popped up. It is reported that this year, five blessings have a new play method of "dip in blessings". By using "dip in blessings", you can randomly copy a blessing card (including professional blessings and flower cards) of your relatives and friends. Quickly dip in the blessings of the people you like.

The way to get lucky card is also simple, that is, to sweep Fu, or to shop at Alipay. Of course, I have to look at my face.