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King glory monkey Luna new skin really? Monkey Luna lovers skin when

King glory monkey and Luna have had a couple skin for a long time. They are Luna Zixia fairy and monkey king zhizunbao. This year, they exposed a couple skin belonging to them, and it's also a westward trip IP. Is the monkey Luna couple skin true? Xiaobian will bring you to know.

King glory monkey Luna new skin really?

This kind of skin can be proved to be true basically. The first experience Clothing unpacking has seen the new skin code of monkey and Luna. The second latest King knowledge point head frame needs to complete four hero teaching. According to the time, it is Chang'e, pig Bajie, armor and monkey. Pig Bajie is just on-line activity. Armor is the skin activity of the year of pig in the Spring Festival. Monkey is almost near Valentine's day on February 11. This should be done It's Valentine's Day skin activity.

This should be the first time that a hero has two sets of lovers' skin. Originally, monkey and Luna are not lovers, but they have one pair of lovers' skin, and the same IP theme can have another couple's skin (because a hero is not a couple, it can't have the second IP couple's skin).

When does monkey Luna lovers skin come out?

As the limited skin for Valentine's day, it naturally goes online during Valentine's day, that is, it goes online in the week of February 14. It may go online after routine maintenance on February 12, or it may go online on Valentine's day.

About the king glory monkey Luna lovers skin online time to share here, you can understand.