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How about CEO's response to 996 work system? Affect family harmony

Make complaints about CEO annual sales, usually when the chicken is given blood, and the reward is given. But the annual meeting is extremely excited. What is the 996 working system like? Let's get to know.

The specific thing is like this. I like CEO Bai crow's public speech at the annual meeting. We need to implement the 996 working system. The normal working time is from 9:30 to 9:00 every day. In case of emergency projects, work six days a week, and work longer every day.

At the annual meeting of youzan, he said that cultural values should be examined every quarter in the future, accounting for more than the performance.

'only those who are highly matched with the values of praise will not be trained or forced to change their values. Those who are not matched should go immediately. '

It was revealed at the annual meeting that youzan recruited too many people in 2018, which is very heavy and requires a large number of downsizing. Today's post-95 generation has been very hard-working.

When asked about the company's cleaning aunts who don't often clean up, there's a good saying that the company shouldn't hire aunts. Everyone is an adult and can clean up by themselves.

When asked when there is a canteen, white crow replied that as long as he is the CEO of the day, he is not allowed to have a canteen, because with the canteen, at least half of the employees will complain that the canteen food is difficult to eat, and the employees can eat outside if there is praise and high food supplement.

One of the big controversies of youzan executives is to answer the question of "how to balance work and family".

"That is to say, the management put forward that the wife and children could not care about it and quit, and his leader said that he would change a solution, such as divorce", in order to encourage the employees to devote themselves to the company.

As soon as the contents of the annual meeting of youzan flow out on the Internet, it has caused great controversy. Some netizens said that work is for life. If work can't make you live a better life, what's the meaning of work?

'to encourage employees to divorce, squeeze labor and exploit holidays seems to regard employees as a machine that keeps running day and night. Human rights are so humble in the face of performance. If this is to reduce staff in disguised form and also to avoid compensation, it's a rotten move. '