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Want to know if your face washing method is correct? Take a look at this one

Face washing is something we do every day. Although it seems simple, don't underestimate this "small thing". Face cleaning is the most basic link for skin care. If you do it well, you will have an enviable skin. It can be seen that there are also University questions about face washing.

First of all, the water temperature is too high. If you wash your face with water, the pores will expand excessively. A large number of cortex and cuticle will be washed away. Once the skin leaves their protection, it will become very dry. The use of water with low water temperature will suddenly stimulate the skin, leading to pore shrinkage, causing acne, acne and other skin problems. So use water with a temperature close to the body temperature.

The right way to wash your face is to wash your hands first, rub the cleanser with both hands to produce bubbles, and then smear it on your face, and then massage your face in circles with both hands. After about a minute, wash your forehead, cheeks, nose wings and other places in circles with water.

Many people don't pay attention to face washing, which is called "cat face washing". They often rub their faces for a few times and then wash them. In fact, they should wash their faces for more than 2 minutes each time, so that the cleanser can fully play the role of skin cleaning.

Cleanser should be as simple as possible and contain surfactant. Mild and weak alkaline facial cleanser has the least stimulation to the skin, while high alkaline facial cleanser does great harm to sensitive skin, such as facial cleanser containing salicylic acid, fruit acid and other ingredients, we try not to use it.

3 minutes after washing the face is when the pores are open and the skin is most delicate and sensitive. During this period, skin care is the best. Gently apply the moisturizing lotion or essence to the facial circles to make the skin warm and help the skin absorb nutrients better.

After reading this, let's learn the right way to wash your face. Change the bad habit of washing your face with grass and restore the white and delicate skin.