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What's the reason why the six little bowling boys are surprised to hear that the two styles are bloo

It can be said that the stem of "style two blooms" is to brush the whole network, so how is the stem of "style two blooms" popular? What do you mean by "six little bowling boy" and "style two blooms"? As one of the inheritors who once spread the culture of the western tour, but was slandered by netizens, maybe the inner heart is also very uncomfortable. Let's see what the meaning of the stem is.

The origin of the two styles:

In fact, the stem of style two blooms is a kind of style, probably like this:

[related sentence] + "in the second half of this year, the journey to the west, which was co filmed by China and the United States, will be officially launched. I will continue to play Monkey King Monkey King. I will use Monkey King's artistic image to create a positive energy image. The style will blossom and promote Chinese culture. I hope you can pay more attention to it. "

The terrier should have originated in Hupu community, and then spread to Zhihu and bilibilibili. In the last two days, it began to be popular on Weibo. I have to admire that at present, the creativity and brain holes of netizens are really powerful. Even the last four or six levels can be used to make sentences conveniently. For example:

"It's amazing that you've passed CET-4 and CET-6. Many people are ready to fight again next year. Speaking of the war, I think of fighting against Buddha, that is, Monkey King. At the beginning of next year, the journey to the west, which was co filmed by China and the United States, will be officially launched. I will continue to play Monkey King, and I will use Monkey King's artistic image to create a positive energy image. The style will blossom, promote Chinese culture, and hope to be great Home more attention. "

The prototype of the stem is Liu Xiaolingtong's original words when he publicized his "journey to the West in a joint photo between China and the United States". However, the author did not find the relevant original words containing "style two flowers". The stem's style may have been adapted by netizens from the original words of Liu Xiaolingtong's previous propaganda about the film.

Such a "two flowering of style" is the product of the birth of a new school on the Internet, "six schools". This school is not aimed at others, but only at the well-known domestic actor, "six little bowling boys" (the so-called "a school" generally refers to the study and deep pickling of something or someone, while "a scientist" refers to the people involved in it).

Liu Xiaolingtong himself is an old artist in China. His greatest achievement is that he played monkey king in the 86th edition of CCTV's classic TV play journey to the West. However, recently, the controversy about six little bowling children on the Internet has become more and more serious. There is an irremediable trend. Many netizens even come up with four dazzling big words to describe them.

The dispute about six little bowling children actually existed at the beginning of this year. After criticizing Zhou Xingchi's "big talk journey to the west", the dispute continued to ferment, and some of his personal black materials began to spread on the Internet. Many of the so-called "real hammer" videos made by some netizens have been broadcast over one million times in BiliBili (station B), and their influence cannot be underestimated.

Therefore, the "six schools and six scholars", "Sino US joint photo journey to the west" and "two flowering styles" are also made into web stems by major netizens.

A few days ago, Wu Chengen's former residence was widely reported by the media. Liu Xiaoling was directly pushed to the top of the hot search list of some platforms, which played a strong role in promoting the popularity of "two flowers of style".

The reason why liuxiaolingtong has such a big controversy is mainly because of his "western hegemony" behavior in the commercial westward travel, and he is carrying forward the westward travel culture to do something contrary to his speech. As a classic IP, the "journey to the west" should be shared by the whole Chinese people and even the people of the world. The culture of the journey to the West proposed by Liu Xiaolingtong is narrow. It is only limited to the original work of journey to the West itself, and the "new pattern" based on it can not be recognized. For example, the love between Wukong and Baigujing in "journey to the west" is often criticized by him.

When the whole network begins to tease someone with a hot spot and creativity, it generally means that most netizens have a strong antipathy to this person, such as "magnetic explosive infantry", "SKR" and "small spiral".

This time, the "two blooms of style" is another collective vent of netizens. I don't know what form it will end up in.