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What's the difference between Morita and Morita? How does Morita mask come from Taiwan and Mainland

The girl who uses the mask regularly knows Morita's medicine, but I don't know if you notice that there are only two words in the box. What's the difference between Morita's makeup and Morita? What's the difference between Morita and the mask? How about the Taiwan version and the mainland version? Let's see.

Difference between Morita cosmetics and Morita

One is made in Taiwan and the other in mainland China. Look at one that says "authorization". The facial mask bags and boxes are all traditional characters, and the mainland version is simplified characters.

There are three production areas for popularizing Morita:

1. Taiwan origin, which we usually call Taiwan version; the name is marked with 'Morita pharmaceutical makeup'

2. It is made in Japan and sold rarely in the mainland. Morita cosmetics has a company in Japan;

3. Made in Shanghai and mainly sold in mainland China, its materials are also made in mainland China, so its ingredients and effects are different from those of Taiwan version; its name is marked as' Morita '

Note: there is no Morita factory in Hong Kong. The genuine Morita cosmetics sold by Wanning Hong Kong are also produced in Taiwan and sold exclusively in the port area. It is unclear whether the ingredients and effects of Morita cosmetics in Hong Kong are different from those sold in Taiwan market.

Morita mask Taiwan and mainland version difference

Although Morita cosmetics is a Taiwan brand, it is generally said that they are made in Taiwan. The goods coming to the mainland have never been said to be made in Taiwan. Most of the products are authorized by the manufacturers of Morita in Taiwan. Morita is now fully entering the mainland. The mask sold on the mainland is produced by Morita company authorized by Shanghai Yi Dai Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and the mask bought in Hongkong and Taiwan is produced by Taiwan factory. If you still can't believe it, just call Morita's sales phone to confirm.

There was once a check for skin care products in Taiwan. Morita mask was the only mask that did not detect excessive hormones. It was not that the mainland was not producing well, but if you wanted to use the most original Morita mask, then it was the right place to choose.

How does Morita mask come from Taiwan and Mainland China?

1. First of all, look at the bar code. Most of the products made in mainland China start with 69, many of which are bought by Watsons, while those made in Taiwan start with 47, so this is the most basic identification.

2. It's to choose the right place to buy. A real way to buy the original land is through the recommendation of a friend who knows the root and knows the bottom. Only when he is really near there can he buy the original land products. In addition, some agents will have real-time video, which will increase the discipline of buying authentic products.

3, the last is to see the price, do not covet cheap, you think, really a regular factory out of things, the cost can not be very low, even if the mask is really low cost, but others need a series of management fees, such as management fees.