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What's the date of new year's Eve this year? Is spring on New Year's Eve this year

What is the date of new year's Eve 2019

The time of new year's Eve 2019 is February 4, 2019, and Monday 2019 is lunar New Year's Eve 1898 (year of dog) December 30

New year's Eve, that is, the night of the year, comes from the custom of offering sacrifices to ancestors. The earliest mention of the name "New Year's Eve" is the local chronicle of local customs written by Zhou Chu in the Western Jin Dynasty. Later, it is also called the day before New Year's Eve as the small division, that is, the small New Year's Eve; new year's Eve as the big division, that is, the big new year's Eve. New year's Eve is usually called the thirtieth of the lunar year, but in fact, due to the lunar calendar, the date of new year's Eve may be the thirtieth of the twelfth lunar month or the 29th of the twelfth lunar month, but no matter what, it is the end of the lunar year.

According to Lu's spring and Autumn & middot; Ji Dong Ji, the ancients used drum beating to expel the ghost of epidemic disease on the day before the new year, which is said to be one of the customs of new year's Eve at that time. In the pre-Qin period, at the end of each year, a ceremony of "Nuo" was held to beat drums to expel the ghosts of epidemic diseases.

Is new year's Eve 2019 spring

The spring of 2019 is Monday, February 4, the same day as new year's Eve.

At the beginning of spring, Dou points to the northeast. The Yellow meridian of the sun is 315 degrees. It's the first of the 24 solar terms. Its meaning is to begin to enter the spring, when the sun and the insects start to sting, everything will spring. After the beginning of the spring, everything will come back to life. From then on, the whole year will begin.

Is new year's Eve 2019 a legal holiday

New year's Eve and Spring Festival will have holidays together in 2019, but new year's Eve is not a legal holiday. In 2007, new year's Eve officially became a statutory holiday in China in accordance with the measures for the national holidays and anniversaries. In 2014, new year's Eve was adjusted in accordance with the decision of the State Council on Amending the measures for the national holidays and anniversaries, and it will no longer be a statutory holiday in China.

Specific arrangements for the Spring Festival holiday on New Year's Eve 2019: 7 days from February 4 (New Year's Eve) to February 10, 2019.

New year's Eve is often on the 29th or 30th of the lunar month, so it is also called the 30th of the lunar year, which is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. People pay most attention to it. Every family is busy or cleaning the house, greeting their ancestors home for the new year, and worshiping them with rice cakes and three animals.

The last day of the lunar year is called "year break", and that night is called "New Year's Eve". Since ancient times, new year's Eve has many customs, such as staying up all night, guarding the year, sticking door gods, spring couplets, New Year pictures, hanging lanterns, etc. it has been spread for a long time. Influenced by Chinese culture, new year's Eve is also a traditional festival of Chinese culture circle countries and overseas Chinese all over the world.