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What are the popular short hair styles for girls this year? Short hair of the younger girls

There are so many short hair styles for girls. If you don't try one, it's really a pity. There is still a period of time before this year. Let's see what the latest short hair styles for girls in 2019 are. Lovely short hair style will make you fashionable and age reduced.

Air banged Bob is absolutely one of the essence of Korean short hair. It's very sweet and lovely. It's super suitable for the girl with oval face. Age reduction focus, better highlight the beautiful facial features and face shape. The sweet feeling of short hair with chin is doubled!

A fresh short straight hair style, straight hair clip on the end of the hair gives a feeling of more students younger sister, very academic style of a style, the main pure feeling, at first glance is the middle point, but the forehead on both sides of the appropriate retention of the broken hair as a small face effect, round face girls want to cut short hair can try this, simple temperament and patience.

Korean short wave head shape, Qi Liu Hai and heavy tailoring have the feeling of mushroom head. The arc-shaped hair tail makes the head look fuller, and the air Liu Hai is super tender. This short hair is also one of the most popular styles of Miss Jie now. You can't control it without slapping your face! The little sister with delicate facial features may try cutting such short hair to challenge her beauty!

What hairstyle will short hair look good in 2019? The inner bend of the hair tail is still classic, especially when it is combined with the big side, the trim face can also improve the fashion index. As a whole, it is a short hair style with the atmosphere. The hair tail presents a natural C-shaped curve along the mandible line, which gives people a more soft and gentle impression, with sweet beauty in understanding, and it is worth trying.

Temperament is divided into short hair, girls in short hair is the most important point is that the shape must not be flat, collapsed hair looks ugly, showing that the old has not temperament, so it is recommended to iron the short hair properly, especially for girls with high forehead, practical hair root perm is less, keep a long bangs, and hair tail small volume combination is more Westernized!

The girl with the same middle short hair and the longer face can try to move down the center of gravity. The curl of JJ curl perm at the end of the hair shows a delicate chin curve, which can enhance the sense of temperament and show a more feminine taste. The short hair style that can enhance the strength and avoid the short hair like this can be more practical than the general net red style. It is classic and endurable, and it is still a temperament style even when the age increases.

It's also a short hair Bob. This chin length is quite common. Compared with the internal buckle, the & PI; type of short hair is more cheeky and cute. If you think you have a big face, you can try this one. The effect of covering your ears with the tail and perm is actually a lovely little pear flower head. The little sister who likes the light sweet style can try this short hair.

In 2019, the popular short hair style, the sense of hierarchy is still the key. From xinzhilei hair style to mullet head, hierarchical hair fragmentation has always been popular. In 2019, this trend continues to short hair. The traditional Bob will keep the tail long. At the cutting level, the personality index will not lose the mullet head. Compared with the general short hair, this short hair has a kind of Beatles' rock style.