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How does Zhong Chuxi make up Nie Xiaoqian? How to make up Nie Xiaoqian

A few days ago, Zhong Chuxi played Nie Xiaoqian's make-up in the movie "detective Pu Songling" on her microblog. How do you paint Nie Xiaoqian's make-up in an instant. Bright eyes, bright teeth, a red dress, this time different Nie Xiaoqian what do you think? Zhong Chuxi how to make up Nie Xiaoqian? Let's learn.

1. Base before makeup

After we do a simple job of moisturizing and skin care, we can start to apply the pre makeup milk. Zhong Chuxi said that she likes to use the light and thin pre makeup milk, the one without color, so that it will not appear very white and not so thick when applied. We can apply it in the direction of pores before applying makeup. After the makeup is dried, we can start the bottoming work. The liquid foundation we choose can be white, because it is a "demon".

2, repair

She uses liquid to repair her face. Draw a line at the highest point of the cheekbones. Then we can find the concave part of her cheek and draw a little bit. Then draw a right angle at the mandibular angle, which will be more three-dimensional. Then use the sponge egg to evenly open it. Then the concealer will cover up the last step of the makeup, that is, the makeup powder.

3. Eye

In the picture we can see that there is a large piece of red in the eye. The eye uses the earth color to make the foundation first, and the place of the eye socket is dizzy and dyed. Then use the big red eye shadow to pull behind the eye tail, pull to the temple's position, then go halo, and the front should be shallow. Then slowly faint to the blush place, to transition nature. Begin to draw eyeliner in the middle part of the upper eyelid, and make it thinner. The rear eyeliner can be slightly thicker. Eyelashes do not need false eyelashes. They can be clipped with eyelash clips. With a little bit of mascara, rubbing your eyelashes with your fingers will not see a fly leg or anything like that.

4, eyebrows

The eyebrows start from the eyebrows and extend back one by one. The eyebrows should be painted a little thin. Pay special attention to the place at the end of the eyebrows to 'fly'. Pick up a little and have a small arc, and tilt up a little. Zhong Chuxi shared a trick: use hair gel to shape eyebrows. Brush your eyebrows with a brush. It's natural.

5, lips

Nie Xiaoqian's mouth is very tempting. We choose red. First, the bottom of the lips, but don't do this for the mouth. When we draw the upper lip, we first draw the inner half of the upper lip, and then use the deep one color red to deepen the overlap. Finally, let's use the lip brush to draw the lip line. The line must be sharp and delicate.