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What is the difference between social housing and traditional family? Analysis on the advantages of

China's pension model is divided into community home-based pension and traditional home-based pension. Many people simply see the literal meaning of home-based pension as a family, so they think that there is no difference between the two models. In fact, it is not so, so what is the difference between social home pension and traditional family pension? The following is a small part for you to explain in detail.

The traditional family pension is a relatively traditional and old pension model, which is still widely seen in the rural society of China. This traditional family pension model is supported by the unique blood relationship between the family or the patriarchal clan, while the community pension model is essentially different from the traditional family pension model. In the process of urbanization, the community pension model will The traditional family pension model relies on family relationship, which includes family, society, enterprise and government.

In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology such as Internet plus' city 'in China, the traditional pension market has also been promoted, and the development of the elderly service has been promoted to the intelligent social endowment. In addition, due to the influence of family planning policy and population aging, the number of '421' families in China has increased. The so-called "421" family refers to a family composed of four grandparents, two parents and one only child. Because children have to go to work during the day, there is not a lot of time to care for the elderly, the disadvantages of the traditional family pension model are prominent, and the social housing pension model came into being.

Social housing for the aged refers to a new mode of supporting the aged, which takes the family as the core, the community as the support, and the specialized service as the support, and provides the aged living at home with the social service with the main content of solving the daily life difficulties. Under the background of the continuous decline of the traditional family pension capacity and the overall shortage of institutional pension, the social housing pension model has more advantages and is a promising way of pension. The current social housing pension model mainly includes life care, medical service and spiritual care service.

The advantages of social housing for the aged are also very obvious, mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

1. Reduce the burden of family support for the aged and improve the efficiency of service for the aged

Compared with the traditional family pension model, the participants of social housing pension include government, society, family, community and non-governmental organizations, which can provide diversified services for the elderly, so that the burden of pension is broken down by multiple departments. As a kind of public goods, social housing for the aged greatly saves the family's expenses for the aged. The social housing pension industry also attracts the participation of rich capital and talents, and promotes the development of the pension industry. It can be said that the home-based pension model has brought great benefits to China's modern economic society.

2. Fit the traditional family pension model, let the elderly have a sense of family belonging

There is an old saying in China that "gold nest and silver nest are not as good as grass nest". Pension is not only a social security issue in China, but also related to China's cultural tradition. We can't ignore the traditional concept of pension for the elderly. From the perspective of humanistic care, vigorously promoting the construction of social housing for the aged service is more in line with China's traditional culture and concepts. The old-age care, not only material, but also spiritual, has great advantages in filling the emptiness and loneliness of the elderly and enriching the spiritual life of the elderly. Take the community as the platform, integrate all kinds of service resources around the community, and provide catering, bath, cleaning and medical services for the elderly. The elderly do not need to change their original lifestyle and living habits, but also have their own dependence, learning and happiness. This way of providing for the aged is more in line with the cultural tradition and customs of our country.

According to Jun Wuyou's intelligent pension service: 'the social housing pension service is an organic combination of family pension and social pension, and the development of social housing pension mode can not only increase employment, promote economic development, but also improve people's livelihood, help stabilize people's hearts and solve people's worries. It has unique advantages of professionalism, convenience and low cost. More importantly, the social housing pension service can be improved The quality of life of the old man in his old age can be said to be more than one stroke. '