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How to reimburse hospitalization medical insurance? Specific process of hospitalization medical insu

It's very common to be ill and hospitalized, but many people have bought medical insurance, so they can make corresponding expense reimbursement according to the regulations. Then how should we make reimbursement in terms of hospitalization? What is the specific reimbursement process? This is a clear question for everyone to understand. The following editor has sorted out the following contents for you to answer, hoping to help you.

How to reimburse hospitalization medical insurance

1. Medical insurance for urban employees

a. Admission: the doctor issues the admission certificate, the toll room pays 30% of the estimated total fee in advance, the patient in charge verifies the patient's identity and signs on the copy of the identity, holds the patient's medical insurance card within 24 hours, two copies of the ID card, and enters the medical insurance reimbursement system at the medical insurance reimbursement office;

b. Discharge: go through the discharge procedures, take the original and copy of the medical certificate (sealed by the medical education department) and discharge certificate to the medical insurance reimbursement office for settlement;

2. Medical insurance for urban residents

a. Admission: the doctor arranges admission with ID card, and must pay a certain deposit in advance.

b. Discharge: the doctor will arrange the discharge and handle the settlement of discharge related expenses at the charge office. Then the inpatient documents, charging documents, insured medical insurance cards and ID cards are sent to the medical insurance office of the hospital where they are located for on-site settlement.

3. New rural cooperative medical insurance

a. Admission: the insured shall first go through the admission formalities at the inpatient charge Office of the hospital and pay the inpatient deposit with the ID card and the doctor's arrangement.

b. Discharge: discharge according to the doctor's arrangement, go through discharge procedures and expense settlement, and then send receipts, hospitalization receipts, ID cards and medical insurance cards to the medical insurance office for hospitalization reimbursement.

After reading this article, we all know the common sense in this respect. For the inpatients, we need to understand carefully before we can go through the expense reimbursement procedures according to the relevant regulations. Generally speaking, we need to go through the reimbursement procedures in the medical insurance center, and we need to prepare the corresponding materials in advance.