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What kind of mobile phone is suitable for the first half of this year? Top 10 mobile phones to be la

In the new year, many Chinese manufacturers will launch 5g mobile phones in 2019. Now mobile phones are updating so fast, many young people change their mobile phones more frequently. Faced with a wide range of mobile phone brands, many people are also a little confused and don't know what to buy. Netizens are curious about what mobile phones are suitable for the first half of this year? In 2019, top 10 mobile phones will be listed.

Samsung Galaxy S10

In the 5g report of Samsung Galaxy S10, it details how Qualcomm and Korean manufacturers cooperate and announces a 'strategic partnership' agreement, which specifically refers to 'transition to 5g'. The transition to a 5g S10 is very meaningful for the flagship product and will add a list of features that apple is worried about.

The 5g connection on S10 will allow users to simply download and upload, and open the gateway to play AAA games through streaming media services such as PS now, as well as streaming 4K high fidelity movies. With S10 to be launched at the 2019 world mobile communications conference at the end of February, it will also consolidate Samsung's position in front of 5g charging, allowing its many competitors to catch up.

However, if we make a call, we can only expect the 'beyond 1' and 'beyond 2' models to have a 5g connection, not the entry-level 'beyond 0' model.


We know that Huawei is developing 5g smart phones, because Walter J, President of Huawei's Western European consumer business group, delivered a speech to T3 in an exclusive interview. Huawei senior executives confirmed that 5g features' if not P30, it will definitely appear in mate series next September. "As for why it can reach any device, the person in charge said: 'we have two flagship products. In March, we have the P series, in October, we have the mate series. Therefore, it will depend on the way the chipset is developed, because 5g needs high power consumption '.

Moreover, for 5g, this is an interesting consideration. Technology needs more space physically, because the antenna needs more power. Considering that battery life is one of the biggest problems in the smartphone industry at present, most flagship mobile phones can only provide a day and a half of battery life between charging. Obviously, manufacturers will have to find ways to increase the internal power pack of mobile phones, or simplify and optimize the use of energy.

Either way, if Huawei's comments hold, then P30, P30 pro or the next mate device will enable 5g.


Pete Lau, oneplus's chief executive, recently confirmed at the world mobile conference in Shanghai that the company is' working with U.S. carriers' to bring 5g smartphones to market next year.

Since oneplus only launches one major flagship refresh each year, this means that oneplus 7 will become a 5g phone. This makes sense, because 5g will be very suitable for this fanatical Chinese manufacturer. It likes to synchronize the crazy speed and performance with 5g's fast data transmission speed. Considering that oneplus also knows what it has done in terms of hardware, this year's oneplus 6 flagship product absolutely attracts competitors in the benchmark test, and next year will launch a 5g support device, which will make it a simple way to buy.

Oneplus usually releases mobile phones in May / July, so oneplus 7 may become one of the second wave 5g devices, possibly following Samsung, Sony and Huawei.

4. Sony Xperia xz3

"Smartphone innovation has always been at the heart of Sony's design philosophy for mobile engineers," Sony said recently about the number one smartphone technology in the world. The comments came days after competitors oneplus and Huawei confirmed they were developing 5g phones.

In fact, we already know Sony's commitment to 5g and Sony's performance record. It seems that the new Sony Xperia is indeed the first 5g smart phone in the world. If it's the first 5g phone, and maybe a battery that lasts a whole week, it looks like Sony will launch it by the end of February 2019, which is also the scheduled time for Samsung Galaxy S10.

5. IPHONE X(2019)

Finally, only a report released this week showed that apple is currently negotiating with MediaTek to provide 5g modems.

Now, it's important to say that apple is not usually the first to adopt new technologies (for example, even if iPhone x doesn't launch LTE advanced), but given that its flagship new phones tend to be delayed for this year, this will theoretically give the company the most time to deliver 5g phones.

It will also give Apple time to really assess the possibilities of 5g technology and offer apple magic, and perhaps a truly shocking 'other thing...'.