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Can I grow strawberries at home? How to grow delicious strawberries at home

Strawberries are sweet and sour, rich in nutrition. Adults and children love a kind of fruit, but the price of strawberries in supermarkets is relatively high. In addition, some friends are more concerned about whether there are too many pesticide residues in strawberries sold outside. What is the way to eat cheap and healthy strawberries? Xiaobian will teach you how to grow strawberries at home.

Shop Strawberry Seedlings

When we plant strawberries, we usually choose the seedlings for planting first. When we buy strawberry seedlings, we should pay attention to the selection of strawberry seedlings that look very healthy and do not shrink.

Choose a strawberry container

When choosing strawberry planting containers, it's best to use pottery pots or earthenware pots for planting, because such containers have strong water absorption capacity and are very breathable. The container size shall be determined according to the purchased seedlings as far as possible.

Soil requirement

Strawberry has little requirement on soil. It can be planted with common garden soil, or it can be planted with some nutritious soil mixed with garden soil.

Illumination requirement

Sunshine is an important factor in strawberry growth. Whether the sunshine is sufficient or not is directly related to the strawberry results. So when we breed strawberries, we'd better put them on the balcony in a sunny and ventilated environment. It's better to have about 6 hours of light in a day, and pay attention to shade in summer.

Water management

Strawberries like to grow in a humid environment, but we can't water them too much. If we water them too much, it will easily cause water in the basin and rot of the plants. For strawberry watering, we can use pot leaching to supplement water. The method is as follows:

1. It can be taken out after soaking for 10-15 minutes;

2. It is better to put it in a ventilated environment when carrying out water supplement.

Fertilization management

Strawberries don't need much fertilizer. It's better to use common compound fertilizer to apply fertilizer. When applying fertilizer, the fertilizer should be buried in the soil around the plant. The amount of fertilizer must be determined according to the growth of the plant. If the fertilizer is too much and too thick, it will easily burn the root of the plant. Pay attention to the too thick fertilizer.

The above is the main points of home strawberry planting method compiled by Xiaobian. Have you learned? If you like strawberries, you can try it.