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Can't Xiaomi Bluetooth headset connect to Huawei mobile phone? Hands on to teach you how to connect

now many netizens say that Xiaomi Bluetooth headset can't connect to Huawei mobile phone? How does Huawei mobile connect to Xiaomi Bluetooth headset? Let me show you the steps of the connection process. Can't Xiaomi Blue Music headset connect to Huawei mobile phone?

1. Press the Bluetooth headset power on button for 6-10 seconds

2. Until the red light and blue light alternately flash and release

3. Turn on Bluetooth to search for pairing

4. Connection succeeded

First, turn on the Bluetooth switch of the mobile phone, and set the Bluetooth visibility to on,

Press and hold the Bluetooth headset switch until the indicator light is always on (search state),

Search the audio accessories with your mobile phone, select the connection after finding them, and then the mobile phone will let you enter the password (please refer to the manual of Bluetooth headset, if not, enter 0000 or 1234 to try).

If the password is correct, the Bluetooth headset indicator will flash.

If not, it's possible that your phone doesn't support Bluetooth. You can see the services supported by Bluetooth in Bluetooth settings.